The new success story video of Discovery Networks Benelux

Take the ferry to the other side of Amsterdam, and you arrive at the futuristic office of Discovery Channel, surrounded by small boats and yachts, waiting for their turn to sail the big IJ. Once a week, The Next Ad [...]

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Why creating Canvas just got easier

When driving business on Facebook you probably have the challenge that people close your ad and landing page before it has even loaded. Facebook Canvas was developed to tackle this challenge. In our previous blog about Canvas we told you [...]

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Generating leads with a simple click

The other week, we introduced you to our newest feature, the Lead Form Generator. Today, we want to give you an idea of the benefits of Lead Forms and how you can use them in different industries. There might be [...]

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Instagram Challenge #friendsofthenextad

Share your #friendsofthenextad moment for a chance to win an epic prize by The Next Ad  Are you one of our clients or a friend of The Next Ad and are the lucky owner of our awesome The Next [...]

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Create Multiple Lead Forms for A/B Testing

Create multiple Lead Forms for A/B testing and increase Lead Ad performance Are you worried about people skipping to fill out long forms to sign up to your newsletter, offers or events? Do you feel tired from creating one [...]

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Time to be authentic on Facebook News Feed

When you’re busy with managing your online campaigns, you’ve probably missed the latest updates by Facebook. The time of catchy links leading to low-quality websites is now officially over. Facebook announced that it will no longer support ads that contain [...]

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How to use Instagram Stories Ads

How can I stand out from the crowd and engage my audience with my ads? Since March, Instagram Stories ads has been available to only a few Instagram Partners. Capital One, Nike, Ben & Jerry’s and Netflix were among 30 brands [...]

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How to use Facebook adverts to reach your audience with confidence

Do you want to be absolutely confident that your brand campaigns reach a fixed amount of people? Do you want to manage the frequency on a personal level and on a larger scale? Do you want to increase brand awareness? [...]

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How to build the perfect funnel for your advertising strategy

Are you wondering how to best build your advertising strategy? You don’t know where to start with your advertising campaign? The Next Ad can help you finding answers to your questions by introducing you to its Funnel Theory. As [...]

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Raising brand awareness for a good cause

We are proud to be an official sponsor of the Ronald McDonald Kinderfonds. We wholeheartedly believe in the charity’s mission: making it possible for parents to stay close to their suffering children. Therefore we’re happy that we’ve now also signed [...]

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Connect offline to online conversions

Connect offline to online conversions with exclusive SO Connect targeting data in The Next Ad Innovations to The Next Ad’s platform and finding out-of-the-box (company) solutions to get advertisers the best campaign results working with our platform is something [...]

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Storytelling coming to life through Canvas

You cannot deny that phones have become our lifelines. If you’re a Facebook marketer (admit it, you most likely are if you end up reading our blog), you’ve probably experienced slow load times of your ads. Your biggest fear is [...]

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How and When to use Facebook Messenger Bots

Do you receive countless messages, questions, comments and complaints from your customers via Facebook Messenger? Do you want to use your time efficiently and automate the most common customer interactions? Read this blog to find out what’s so special about [...]

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How and why to use the Facebook Pixel

Do you wonder what adverts are most successful, how people consume your content and how to deliver relevant ads to your customers? Reading this blog will help you setting up your Facebook Pixel (without having to rely on developers) and [...]

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Key takeaways of F8 2017: What you need to know

More than 1,700 developers and Facebook Marketing Partners from all over the world, travelled to San Jose to attend the annual Facebook F8 Conference. Our CEO Achmed together with the CCO Sander and our Account Director, Bob, travelled together with [...]

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What is the Facebook F8 conference and what can we expect?

Don’t we all love the combination of development and conferences, connecting with new people and exchanging inspiring ideas? We’re counting days until the big Facebook F8 Conference in San Jose, California next week. WHAT IS THE FACEBOOK F8 [...]

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Your personal UTM tag builder

Creating UTM tags manually is from now on one for ‘back in the days’. We’ve improved our platform and developed a new feature for you: the awesome UTM tag builder (check out our previous blog on how to use UTM [...]

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The Next Ad is voted as the best social ad platform in the list of Emerce 100

Today, Emerce published the list of the Top 100 businesses in e-commerce. We are happy to announce that The Next Ad is part of the list for the first time and is voted as the best social advertising software in [...]

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How you can optimise your ads with split testing

Do you want to be sure that your ads are reaching the right people, in the right place, at the right cost? Ad optimisation can sometimes be tiring and harder than you think and doesn't always end up in accurate [...]

UTM tags and your Facebook campaigns

Do you know what ad set and/or ad creative is driving the most traffic and business to your website? It would be helpful to use an advanced tracking option that keeps you on top of your marketing campaign that drives [...]

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