How and When to use Facebook Messenger Bots

Do you receive countless messages, questions, comments and complaints from your customers via Facebook Messenger? Do you want to use your time efficiently and automate the most common customer interactions? Read this blog to find out what’s so special about [...]

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How and why to use the Facebook Pixel

Do you wonder what adverts are most successful, how people consume your content and how to deliver relevant ads to your customers? Reading this blog will help you setting up your Facebook Pixel (without having to rely on developers) and [...]

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Key takeaways of F8 2017: What you need to know

More than 1,700 developers and Facebook Marketing Partners from all over the world, travelled to San Jose to attend the annual Facebook F8 Conference. Our CEO Achmed together with the CCO Sander and our Account Director, Bob, travelled together with [...]

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What is the Facebook F8 conference and what can we expect?

Don’t we all love the combination of development and conferences, connecting with new people and exchanging inspiring ideas? We’re counting days until the big Facebook F8 Conference in San Jose, California next week. WHAT IS THE FACEBOOK F8 [...]

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Your personal UTM tag builder

Creating UTM tags manually is from now on one for ‘back in the days’. We’ve improved our platform and developed a new feature for you: the awesome UTM tag builder (check out our previous blog on how to use UTM [...]

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The Next Ad is voted as the best social ad platform in the list of Emerce 100

Today, Emerce published the list of the Top 100 businesses in e-commerce. We are happy to announce that The Next Ad is part of the list for the first time and is voted as the best social advertising software in [...]

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How you can optimise your ads with split testing

Do you want to be sure that your ads are reaching the right people, in the right place, at the right cost? Ad optimisation can sometimes be tiring and harder than you think and doesn't always end up in accurate [...]

UTM tags and your Facebook campaigns

Do you know what ad set and/or ad creative is driving the most traffic and business to your website? It would be helpful to use an advanced tracking option that keeps you on top of your marketing campaign that drives [...]

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Facebook innovating the ad experience via ‘Collection’

Facebook innovated a great new feature, revolutionising the ad experience by introducing a new advertising format: Collection. With its newest advertising format, Facebook is building a great new shopping experience, helping marketers to really drive sales in mobile. Collection, designed [...]

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The Battle of Stories

Back in the days Snapchat Story Remember the days when Snapchat’s My Story - a collection of vertical photos and videos from the last 24 hours - used to be special? Well, those times are over. Snapchat [...]

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The Next Ad goes skiing

This article is a recap of The Next Ad's ski trip, including my experiences - Johanna  Some of us have been working at The Next Ad since its creation, some have only just joined the company a couple of [...]

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Why my Facebook data doesn’t match my Google Analytics data

Tracking your online performance for marketing and advertising is one of the most important tools for online success. In order to accurately assess your campaign performance, you will need to work through the data extracted from your various platforms. Analysts [...]

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A new way of advertising via Facebook Messenger

Imagine Imagine you can advertise directly to a person you have interacted with in the past via Facebook Messenger. Imagine you are able to send an instant link ad to a person you’ve chatted with in the Facebook Messenger [...]

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The real deal about Engagement Custom Audiences

In the field of social media advertising, apart from creating promotional content, your company’s aim can be to create engagement. This engagement refers to your audience liking your updates, commenting on your posts, viewing videos and indirectly establishing a loyal [...]

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Optimise campaigns automatically based on custom events

We’re happy to announce another great improvement to our Optimisation Algorithm. Previously, we’ve upgraded the Hyper Optimisation to make it possible to set a fixed KPI on top of the classic Hyper Optimisation. Now we introduce to you another improvement [...]

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Tips to get the most out of your Dynamic Ads during the Holidays of 2016

Next month - December - will be the month of the holidays. During this crucial time of year for retail and e-commerce it’s all about timing, bidding and budgets for increased volume and conversions. During the holiday season, advertisers will [...]

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Get exclusive access to personalised targeting data

The Next Ad partners with Acxiom to reach the most relevant audience for your business with personalised ad creatives based on exclusive behaviour and interests data. Personalise your social advertising campaigns using exclusive targeting data to reach the most relevant audience [...]

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Auto optimise campaigns based on a fixed action price

We’ve just launched a new optimisation algorithm. This new optimisation method allows you to optimise ad sets using target parameters for a fixed KPI. We’ve built this new option into Hyper Optimisation to make optimisation accurate for a specific advertising [...]

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The story behind the new identity of ‘the next ad’

Welcome to our new identity! We’re growing rapidly and scaling our business internationally. Every single day we're welcoming new customers who are experiencing our services for the first time. So, this is the perfect time to launch a brand new [...]

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The innovation of dynamic marketing automation

People spend more time on their mobile devices and inside applications. This current trend is completely reshaping how people discover products, seek and consume information and experience your brand or products. The complete customer journey has changed to online over [...]

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