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Social advertising, automated. 

The Next Ad is an advertising automation technology to get you the best campaign results. Invest in performance driven social advertising and be in control.

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Drive more results 

Your partner in advertising optimisation and automation at scale. 

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Attract - Engage - Convert 

Advertising strategies focus on optimising every stage of the entire customer journey. Powerful technology and expertise is the first step to profitable growth at scale.

Dynamic marketing automation 

Connect your database to our platform to easily get your CRM on board. Create dynamic audiences and benefit from optional dynamic ad templates.

CRM Connection

Connect your CRM database to our platform for an easy creation process of custom audiences based on your own customer data.

Dynamic audiences

Create continuous up-to-date Custom audiences for retargeting campaigns and automate the creation process of Lookalike audiences for highly personalised prospecting campaigns.

Dynamic ad templates

The automatic creation of dynamic ad variations lets you reach the most relevant audiences, with the most relevant ad creative based on your customers’ interests.

Hyper Optimisation 

Best in class optimisation algorithm for both ad set and ad creative optimisation, proven winner by multiple A/B tests.

Optimisation algorithm

This engine optimises campaigns automatically by shitfing budget to the best performing target groups, ads and prevents ad fatigue by ad rotation.

Performance vs fixed CPA

Optimise campaigns based on the best performance or based on a fixed CPA limit. Keep track on your KPI's.

Ad creative optimisation

Set custom rules on top of your campaign optimisation to test ad creatives and find the best combination of your campaign assets.

Exclusive targeting data 

Get the advantage of access to exclusive data. Personalise ad creatives and define key target groups. The more relevant the ad, the more your audience takes action.

Conditional publishing

Run campaigns only on the moments that matter most. Publish or pause campaigns based on external data feeds such as products or store visits.

Measurement & Reporting 

Create detailed reporting dashboards to compare results between ad accounts, campaigns, ad sets and ad creatives. Share them easily with your team.

Weekly campaign summary

Start updated by a weekly report of the results of last week’s achievement using Hyper Optimisation.

Global clients, local adoption

We believe in the power of awesome support and real relationships! We offer real-time, local support in different time zones and in different languages.

Inspired By Leading Brands

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    Hyper Optimisation reduced our time spent by 30% saving us hours every week. Now we have more time to focus on the strategy beyond our advertising. Combined with the user-friendly interface, The Next Ad improved our workflow even better.

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    The Next Ad is a platform with solid bulk editing functions that reduces our manual labour significantly. It's a powerful, automated goal-optimisation algorithm. The Next Ad proved to be a flexible and ambitious partner who wants to work together with us to achieve our goals.

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    The Next Ad has exceeded our expectations by reaching over 20 million unique people in just three weeks. By using The Next Ad, we were able to decrease our CPM with 50%.

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    We are growing and scaling our business significantly. That's why we were looking for a partner who's constantly innovating and is willing to help us implement new innovative solutions to reach the most specific audiences with the most specific ads. The Next Ad is the partner who fits our needs.

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    The Next Ad proved to deliver great service and helped us to roll out our social strategy for not only Discovery Channel, but also TLC, ID and Eurosport. We are sure to keep an ongoing partnership with The Next Ad and keep on using their managed services and their expertise in the future.

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    The Next Ad consists of a team of highly trained digital experts who, with the help of social advertising technologies, helped us digitally transform our operations and achieve the best possible results with the budget we had.

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