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Create visibility and drive conversions through the right mix of channels. We are specialised in digital advertising. The best strategy and optimisation techniques on Search, Display, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and Amazon. Together we pursue your goals!

Advertising on social channels

Social Advertising

Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn and TikTok. Reach your target audience with (personalised) content that is suitable for the different channels and its audiences.

advertising on Google & BING

Search Advertising

Advertising on the Google or Bing network. From Search Engine Advertising (SEA) to Shopping Ads, digital banners and advertising with video on YouTube. We know how to get your search campaign out there.

advertising on marketplaces

Shopping Advertising

Advertising on Google Shopping, Amazon and Appear at the top of the search results on Google Shopping and marketplaces such as and Amazon with Shopping Ads.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I find the right package that best suits my company?

Seeking for some expert services on a scalable strategy or in need of specialists taking care of your digital growth? Our certified team with Facebook and Google experts have seen it all. Don't face challenges alone and arm your business with a team of experts. 

What result can I expect?

Results, like any strategy, differ per business, vertical and goals. You can assume that we will ensure that you get your investment out of it all the time.

How does The Next Ad work? What exactly do you do?

We integrate into your Business - this is what you can expect. 1) Challenging strategies tailored to your business, goals and priorities. 2) Implementation services of Operations and Technology. 3) Best approach and implementation of tracking. 4) Continuous campaign optimisation. 5) Actionable insights via tailored made reporting dashboards. 6) Knowledge & Expertise Sessions of new products and tactics.

How does your pricing look like?

In our price structure, we do not use a one-price-fits-all methodology and are therefore happy to look at the wishes and goals together with you, and adapt a corresponding package accordingly.

I already have a marketing team, how does your offer best fit into this?

We integrate with your business and team to get the best partnership to work. You can see us as an extension of your business and team. You can benefit from our 10+ years of experience in digital marketing through our strategies, execution and data driven optimisation. We’re here to challenge, excel and exceed and take your team along with us. 

On what term can I get started?

We are known for our very short getting started cycle. We try to get you onboarded and up and running as soon as possible after the boring paperwork has been completed.

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Digital Advertising

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