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marketplaces advertising

Take advantage of the wide range of marketplaces such as and Amazon. Market places are visited on a large scale to orientate on products and different offerings.

Consumers can pay directly from the Marketplace

Found the right product for the right price? Then consumers can also pay directly here.

Top ranking in the Marketplaces' search results

Advertising on marketplaces so your product has a good position in the search results can be of great added value in your digital advertising strategy.

Adapt and Innovate in E-commerce

The e-commerce market is growing explosively. Your competition is increasing. It is therefore extremely important that your target group (s) know where to find your webshop or site.

Marketplaces advertising

What are marketplaces?

An online marketplace is an e-commerce site that connects sellers and buyers. It is often known as an electronic marketplace in which all transactions are managed by the website owner.

Businesses use online marketplaces to reach customers who want to buy their products and services. You can think of or Amazon. These online marketplaces ask the provider for a percentage of the sale price in exchange for increasing your reach. Just like in the market. Renting a booth there also costs money.

Why you should get started

Advertising on Marketplaces

Online marketplaces, such as, have seen an enormous increase in advertisers on their platform.

If you want to stand out with a new article or want to draw more attention with your bestsellers, the marketplaces' sponsored products might be something for you. With “Sponsored products” you can make your articles at and Amazon more visible and findable, whatever your budget. In this way, your articles are easier to find when customers search for a similar range.

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Achmed Awad

Ceo & CO-founder

Achmed Awad

Ceo & CO-founder

Achmed Awad

Ceo & CO-founder

Achmed Awad

Ceo & CO-founder

Sander Haarman

CCO & CO-founder

Sanne Kruis

Marketing manager

Jorgen Munk

Finance manager

Pieter Jansen

New Business development

Sacha Carbo

New Business development

Tari Janssen

Head of advertising

Sammy Awad

Senior digital marketing consultant

Sara Kandou

digital marketing consultant

Marielle Reuvers

Digital marketing consultant

Burcu Akcay


Kelly van Santen

Campaign manager

Bram Pullens

Campaign manager

Peter Ioannidis

Campaign manager

Karin Knoop

Campaign manager

Wesley Blijleven

Customer Success Manager

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Advertising on the biggest marketplace of the Netherlands? To be ranked on top of the search results in We know how to handle this.

Amazon Advertising

Advertising on Amazon to be ranked on top of the search results? We will help you out!

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