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Being part of The Next Ad means being part of a committed family. You're more than just colleagues. You love working together and value having team members to share thoughts with. Together we achieve more. Are you joining our family? Check out the job positions we have open and don't hesitate to submit or contact. We're down to earth, so don't be afraid to ask.

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Aside from an inspiring job, we imagine you value benefits and perks that come with the job. We have quite some to be proud of. What do you think of riding your own VanMoof company e-bike?

Culture & Values

Curious about The Next Ad culture? And what we stand for, through our core values?

My job at The Next Ad has given me freedom, responsibility, knowledge of multiple disciplines and a lot of great colleagues. I felt welcome and appreciated since the first day I entered and still get challenged to grow and get the best out of myself. In my role as a salesman, I get to focus on quality rather than quantity, which I think is quite rare. There is a lot of room for personal growth in the company and besides all the hard work we have enough time to relax and enjoy a good drink and a laugh at our own company bar.

Pieter jansen, new business Manager - the next ad

Here, at the Next Ad, I can honestly say that I have found a Work-Family. For me it has always been very important to surround myself with not only highly motivated, innovative and hardworking individuals, but also extroverted and outgoing people. You know... to celebrate successes and make hurdles less tough ;)

The personal growth and professional development freedom you receive at The Next Ad in combination with a ''Can do'' attitude is contagious and gets me out of bed every single morning.

sacha carbo, new business Manager - the next ad

Working at The Next Ad is not just a job. It's part of my life and personal development. The things I have learned, got chances to and have grown in are tons.  Not just in my career, but I have grown on a personal level a lot as well. For me it's the perfect combination. Innovation, commitment and dedication that got the company where it is right now. This suits my personal values and that's why for me the fit is mutual.

Sanne Kruis, marketing manager - the next ad