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Google advertising is online advertising on the Google and/or Bing network. From Search Engine Advertising (SEA) to Shopping Ads for ads to be shown in Google' search engine. And from Digital Banners to advertising with Video on YouTube. This way you improve the findability and visibility of your website at a certain rate.

The benefits of google advertising

With a strong focus on direct traffic, Google advertising delivers results.

Stay in control over budget and costs

Costs are calculated per click, impression or view. That way you only pay for relevance.

With a strong focus on direct traffic and results

To encourage the visitor to take action based on intention. That is what Google is regularly used for

Specific target options based on intent

Visible throughout the customer journey with Google advertising

google's Customer journey

Google advertising in every phase of the Customer Journey

Visible throughout the entire customer journey by the right combination of specialties and use of Google advertising options. Search engine advertising thus contributes to various moments in the decision process. SEA (search engine ads) and Shopping Ads for the See, Think and Do phase in the funnel. Reinforced by Display ads in the See orThink phase. Supplemented by Video over the entire funnel, through the correct use of advertisements.

Every process is tailor-made, because every customer has different goals. A campaign can be created based on a current campaign or it can be completely new.

With a strong focus on results

In control of budget and targeting

With a strong campaign structure and the right targeting you are in control of the costs. Google advertising works based on costs per click, impression or view, so you see immediate results and keep in control of your budget.

Innovation & Adoption

Advertising on YouTube

The use of YouTube has only been increasing rapidly for some time now, among different target groups. This makes advertising even more interesting. Users consult the platform for entertainment, solutions, experiences and to further develop themselves. As part of the Google network, advertising with or around Video is a strong addition to the Omni Channel Strategy. Every strategy and approach is tailor-made, because every company has different objectives.

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Achmed Awad

Ceo & CO-founder

Achmed Awad

Ceo & CO-founder

Achmed Awad

Ceo & CO-founder

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The components of Google Advertising

Google Search Ads (SEA)

With Google Ads - formerly Google AdWords - you advertise with text ads (SEA) on the different channels of the largest search engine in the world. You only pay when your ad is clicked.

Google Shopping Ads

With Google Shopping Ads you promote products directly with image and price in the search results of potential customers on Google. You only pay when they click to visit your website, or view information about the store stock.

Google Display Ads

With Google Display Ads, you ensure brand awareness and visibility throughout the entire funnel. From retargeting to video ads and digital banners.

YouTube Advertising

With YouTube advertising you reach your target audience while watching videos. YouTube is rich in data about the behavior and interests of its users. We tailor the targeting to visitors who are interested in your product or service.

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