Social Advertising

Advertising on the biggest social media channels out there. Reach your target audience through paid campaigns on the channels they're active on.
Social Advertising can be of interest to you on
various channels. Advertise on Facebook, Instagram,
Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Benefits of social advertising

Social advertising is the perfect way to get the best results from your budget.

Thanks to the infinite targeting possibilities, social advertising can be used in every phase of the customer journey. The correct optimisation choices are made based on data for the best results out there.

Suitable for many different business goals

From brand awareness, to interacting with your target group, generating website visitors or encouraging actions (conversions)

In every phase of the Customer Journey

Customer journeys are unique. This also applies to how and in which phase of the customer journey you pick the social channels to use. Social advertising can be used in every phase of the customer journey

Reach broad and specific target groups

Thanks to the infinite targeting possibilities of the different channels

Business goals

Social advertising for different business goals

Social advertising helps to achieve both branding and sales goals. To define a digital advertising strategy, we benefit from the funnel model: See-Think-Do-Care. In the See phase we build on your brand awareness, in the Think phase we generate quality website visitors and in the Do phase we proceed to initiate an action (conversion).

Every process is tailor-made, because every customer has different aims. A campaign can be created based on a current campaign or it can be completely new.

Multiple channels

Social advertising according to the Omni Channel Approach

Do you advertise, or do you wish to advertise on one or more social media channels? We provide customisation, tailored to your situation. We work according to the omni channel approach for maximum return on investment when advertising on multiple social channels. With the goal that channels reinforce each other and content per channel is tailored to the right target group, in the right phase of the customer journey.

Infinite targeting possibilities

Targeting opportunities of Social advertising

No other advertising approach is richer in targeting options than the options in Social advertising. The various social media channels allow you to advertise on interests, profile information, interaction with an ad or video or activity on a website using retargeting. Through the right mix of channels and data, we aim for performance-driven campaign management and optimisation.

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Achmed Awad

Ceo & CO-founder

Achmed Awad

Ceo & CO-founder

Achmed Awad

Ceo & CO-founder

What we can do for you

The components of Social Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Attract and retain the attention of a large and varied group of people with Facebook advertising. Thanks to the endless targeting possibilities, we can move the right target group. Results, that's what Facebook advertising is all about.

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Instagram Advertising

Increase brand awareness? Attracting customers? Or, creating engagement with your target group? Share your story and achieve results with Instagram advertising. We know exactly how to match the right content with the right target group for the right phase in the customer journey.

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Pinterest Advertising

Inspiring and taking action, that's what Pinterest users visit the platform for. Inspire your target audience with sponsored posts on Pinterest. We know what works and how we get your Pins to the attention of the right target group.

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Snapchat Advertising

Getting the attention of Gen-Z or millennials is possible with Snapchat advertising. A very committed group of young content creators can be reached via Snapchat. Whether brand awareness, engagement or taking actions is your goal. We provide the right approach to Snapchat advertising.

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LinkedIn Advertising

With a strong focus on B2B target groups, LinkedIn is an excellent platform on which you want to be seen. By advertising on the largest professional network, we can target positions and industry to achieve your goals.

Twitter Advertising

Reach an interactive target group through Twitter advertising. Target on profile information, increase your community and create word-of-mouth awareness for your company. We are happy to explain the possibilities of Twitter advertising and how this channel fits into your strategy.

TikTok Advertising

Creating visibility and interaction on the newest social media channel?! That is possible with TikTok advertising. By advertising on TikTok with unique, tailored content for this specific channel, you reach and interact with an innovative target audience. Looking for the latest trends and challenges. We know how to make this new network an integral part of your cross-channel advertising approach.

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