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    Behavioral Facebook Advertising

Behavioral advertising, the way Facebook campaigns were meant to be

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It doesn’t matter how awesome your campaign is, only a small portion of your audience is going to convert. By focusing on audience optimization you can save up to 30% of your media budget. Use this budget on your ideal audience based on their intent to purchase or convert in your campaign.

Welcome to the next level of social advertising.


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I want to create multi variate ads and edit them any time without having to start over

In the ads creator you can choose to setup multi variate ads. The system will optimise … <read more>

Audience & Targeting solutions

I want to build dynamic audiences based on x behavior of my customers

With TNA you can use our API to fetch your CRM data but also behaviour data such as … <read more>

Budget, Bidding & Optimisation solutions

I want to manually set my audience budgets, bid types & bid infos

Simply click the checkbox in your audience screen to enter a manual budget… <read more>


I want to boost my television show/I want more tune-ins

Facebook is an excellent platform to boost your viewing rates. Imagine having… <read more>

Data Driven Campaign Optimization

Take it easy and put technology at work for your business



Recency and relevancy drive success. Build behavior based audiences on the fly using your own data warehouse.


On Demand

Get real time and use data feeds such as TV programming, weather feeds or your own custom data to trigger ad publishing.


Rules Based Optimization

Satisfy the performance marketer in you and easily build your own optimization algorithms or let our machines do the thinking for you.


Audience Budget Shifting

Automatically shift budget between your best performing audiences. We are your investment engineers.

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Performance Suite: We’ve got you covered

Performance Suite - test

Multi Variate Testing

Deploy limitless ad variations in just a matter of seconds. Lean back and watch your software pick the best performing ones.

Performance Suite - media

Advanced Asset Library

Upload your asset library such as images, texts, call to actions, links and videos. Use advanced tagging and editing in a matter of seconds before publishing it to your campaign.


Enterprise Build

Allow yourself peace of mind with user role management, detailed audit trails, transaction logs and full API access.

Performance Suite - crm

Audience Driven

Leverage behavior data from your CRM, website, lead generators, shop visitors and more to build the world’s most advanced ad campaigns.


Insights & Reports

Follow your performance step by step from Campaign to Audience to Ad level and identify your most successful strategy.


Build-in Page manager

Get 5 years of page management, analysis and social CRM software as part of your bundled package.

Real people, real service on-site, phone & chat

Our support team goes the extra mile, we’re here to help


Phone, chat & on site support

We’re here to help. Forget about sending a ticket and waiting for days. Reach out to us in the way you like.

Premium knowledge

Our knowledge is the next best thing after Facebook’s own representatives. We know how to get most out of your campaign and we’ll be happy to share it with you.

Webinars & Events

Join our online webinars and local events to get in on the latest best practices and new features custom build for you.


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