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Imagine your total audience. Millions of them wasting your media budget for one simple reason: they're not interested. It doesn't matter how awesome your campaign is, only a small portion of your audience is going to convert. The art is in finding those people. Changing your strategy from ad optimization to audience optimization can reduce up to 80% of your budget spend wrong. This budget in turn can be used on your ideal audience based on their intent to purchase or convert in your campaign. Welcome to the next level of social advertising.


Facebook campaigns are like formula 1 races. Start your race without adequate preparation and you will lose. Start with the right preparation and you'll win. The secret of good preparation lies in big data. Somewhere in this big pile of data spread out all over the place lies the answer to your challenge: how do I create the best converting campaign? At The Next Ad we tackle the hard number crunching part and give you easy access to these questions:

  • Which ads performed best in the past?

  • Why did it do well?

  • What were the key ingredients of those ads?

  • How do I apply these lessons in my next campaign?

  • What is relevant for your next campaign?

  • What are the key elements for your next campaign?

A managed platform or self serve

Managed platform

The best team, the best campaigns, we’ve got you covered


Managing ad campaigns can be a hassle and pressure on your team. We bring years of experience, a close partnership with Facebook and expert marketers to the table. With our managed service you’ll get:

  • Managed Campaign operations
  • Managed reporting & analysis
  • Campaign testing and optimization
  • Data strategy implementation
  • Social CRM insights & integration
  • And everything you get with Self Serve


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Self Serve

Revenue generating social marketing at your own finger tips


The only behavior driven Facebook advertising software in the world as a platform at your service. Power your advertising team with the latest possibilities in big data CRM analysis with an easy to use interface and on demand access to advanced features under the hood:

  • Friendly but powerful publishing and workflow features
  • Connect to your CRM data to amplify your campaigns
  • View historic performance reports and take a deep dive into our campaign relevancy analysis
  • Use offline conversion tracking technology
  • Set up conditional campaigns with the real time and local data


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Behavior driven

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Historic performance reports

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Campaign relevancy reports

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Role and brand management

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Social CRM

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Offline conversion technology

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