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Reaching Return on Ad Spend of 18 in no time 

VanMoof is motivated to create the best city bike in the world. Already popular in the Netherlands, their aim is to expand to other markets and to make buying bikes as easy as possible. Thanks to The Next Ad's solution, VanMoof could experiment and find out what ads work best, where to find people that are interested in bikes, all within their budget. 


Return on Ad Spend

Their Story

Making the best city bike in the world

VanMoof, a Dutch company, is focused on one thing: making the best city bike in the world. The innovative team realises things other bike companies haven't even thought of yet. The fastest way to do that is to get more people on bikes. That's why they're not just a bike company. VanMoof is reinventing the whole bike experience, from buying, to repairing, to recovering, so that in the end it's utterly effortless. 

Their Goal

Introducing new ways of advertising

VanMoof's main goal was to increase online interaction and ultimately sell bikes. But instead of sticking to the old way, they wanted to experiment with new ways of introducing VanMoof to new people - in ways that don't feel like advertising. 

'Our campaign strategy is pretty playful. We believe in experimenting: try - do - improve. That's also why we keep our sales funnel playful with room to always change and adapt it.' -- Karlijn Marchildon, Head of Communications

Their Solution

Targeting, measuring and improving

Via Video, Carousel, Image and Link ads VanMoof can target, measure and improve constantly. Instead of blindly sending out messages, they are learning what resonates best, where to find people that are more likely to be interested in their bikes, all with budgets that give them room to play. Thanks to The Next Ad, VanMoof can get close to its creative output and gets a sense of what works and what doesn't. Finally, The Next Ad can help them to reach their goals by having a patient, helpful and supportive team. 

Their Success

Getting more bums on bikes

Thanks to The Next Ad's added value, VanMoof could reach more people than ever imagined which resulted in more sales with a ROAS of 18 in the Netherlands. Within less than three months, VanMoof managed to increase its ROAS from 0.8 to 17.9.

On average, the ROAS of all countries combined (UK, US, Germany) between April and September was 5.5 whereas the average ROAS of the Netherlands was 11.3. 

VanMoof is expanding to new markets next year and social ad campaigns will continue to play a significant role in getting remembered and making bikes easy to buy. 

'The Next Ad is helping us getting more bums on bikes in countries we previously had trouble reaching.' - Karlijn Marchildon, Head of Communications

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