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More website conversions by using automatic optimisation

Representing more than 50 theater producers, companies and artists, Nationale Theater Kassa is the place to go for ordering tickets for concerts, theater shows and events. Its vision is to increase its sales to keep a long-lasting relationship with its partners. This is where The Next Ad comes in with its features such as Hyper Optimisation. Together with its performance driven marketing automation, The Next Ad could achieve the best results for NationaleTheater Kassa. 


increase in overall sales

Their Story

One office for multiple creatives

Nationale Theater Kassa is the national office for ordering tickets for concerts, theater shows and (sport) events. It offers a comprehensive service to anyone seeking information about or to buy tickets to a concert or event. Nationale Theater Kassa is selling on behalf of producers and event organisers and is officially registered and recognised as a sales channel, representing more than 50 theater producers, companies and artists.

Their Goal

Providing a diverse range of productions whilst increasing ticket sales

The overal goal of Nationale Theater Kassa is to provide theater productions that are aligned with people’s demands and are thus relevant and interesting to visitors. It is vital to ensure that each theater season is filled with a rich and diverse range of productions to see in theaters and thus attract customers. Therefore, website conversions was their main goal when cooperating with The Next Ad. These conversions should then lead to an increase in ticket sales.

Their Solution

More website conversions by using automatic optimisation of The Next Ad's Hyper Optimisation

To increase website conversions and ultimately ticket sales, Nationale Theater Kassa turned to The Next Ad which is focused on Hyper Optimisation. The team of The Next Ad made sure that ticket sales would increase by constantly improving and finding new ways to embrace innovative social advertising features on their platform. In order to achieve website conversions, automation and optimisation came in handy. When partnering with Nationale Theater, the team of The Next Ad made sure they understand every aspect of the company to offer the ideal solution to their challenge. Through the real-time chat support and unique ad campaign optimisation, The Next Ad focused on building a long-lasting relationship. 

Their Success

21% more ticket sales & conversion-focused campaigns 

Thanks to Hyper Optimisation, The Next Ad managed to increase their website conversions. Due to positive results, Nationale Theater Kassa has launched conversion-focused campaigns and could increase its overall sales by 21%. 

‘The biggest success story was the Peppa Pig campaign. The campaign turned out to be so successful that it even gained attention from the Facebook Marketing Team in Portugal. Hyper Optimisation is exactly what you need for your business. Working together with the team of The Next Ad has increased the quality of our online campaigns. Thanks to the team, we are now more self confident and have more knowledge of online marketing.’ -- Joris Lusink, Online Marketing Manager at Nationale Theater Kassa

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