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La Place rocks App

The successful restaurant chain teamed up with Facebook Marketing Partner The Next Ad and increased their App Installs significantly in a couple of hours.


app installs


lower cost per install


better return on investment

Their Story

100% natural

La Place is the most successful restaurant chain in the Netherlands. With over 250 locations, La Place attracts millions of customers each year. Over the next few years they will be expanding into new markets. They aim to cultivate an even bigger fan base. A glance around any La Place reveals the many different groups that like to come there: young couples, families, business people and students. 

Their Goal

From fan to an in-app user

With millions of customers each year La Place has a thriving business with a lot of fans. La Place wants to reward these fans with their La Place membership. This membership is an in app loyalty program. To drive app installs La Place deploys together with The Next Ad, advanced Facebook advertising strategies to find and connect customers with their mobile app.

'With the software of The Next Ad we could launch data driven campaigns. TNA made it possible to show our ads to a specific relevant custom audience for the lowest price. By rotating our ad creatives and automatically optimizing the best performing ones, we were able to show the most relevant content to the right audience during the entire campaign.' -- Nanda Bruens, Social Media Marketer, La Place 

Their Solution

Powering Facebook ad campaigns with automation tools of The Next Ad

La Place teamed up with Facebook ads platform The Next Ad to help them automate their Facebook campaign and create custom audiences. The restaurant chain leveraged TNA’s dynamic audience platform to create dynamic real time updated custom audience segments. TNA added value to La Place’s Facebook campaigns by:

  • Building custom lookalike audiences based on current app users
  • Optimize their campaign by excluding new app users
  • Automatically optimizing the campaign budget based on each audience segment’s performance
  • Deploying automatically rotating creatives with custom build rules
  • Enabling La Place to deploy multiple creatives at once and test the best performing ones, automatically

Their Success

The lowest costs for app installs ever

By using TNA's performance based software solution, La Place has been able to target the most relevant potential fans by creating specific custom audiences. Combined with TNA’s automatically budget shifting this results in the lowest cost per install ever and a 10 times better return on investment compared to other channels they have used for this campaign.

  • 4.000 app installs
  • 90% lower Cost per Install
  • 10x better Return on Investment

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