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Optimising social content and targeting 

The Discovery Networks' brand vision is all about making the world bigger by satisfying curiosity with relevant content. It's only natural for them to collaborate with The Next Ad which aims to optimise social advertising campaigns and targeting the right audiences at the right time with the right content. 

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Their Story

Satisfying curiosity by making the world bigger

The Discovery Channel was launched over 32 years ago by John Hendricks during the time that TV in the United States was growing rapidly. John noticed a lack of educational content on TV and founded The Discovery Channel in 1985, with the sole purpose to 'Satisfy Curiosity'. Now, 32 years later Discovery's brand promise has not changed at all. It has slightly evolved in communication as its current brand promise states: 'Make Your World Bigger'. This is what they do on a daily basis, showing their fans great content that inspires them to push boundaries and make their world bigger. 

'I am impressed by the diversity of the Discovery brand. Discovery stands for inspiring content that always teaches you something new with fascinating documentaries. The spectrum of themes makes the Discovery brand always fascinating.' -- Brent Renniers, Sr. Marketing Manager, Discovery Networks Benelux 

Their Goal

Optimising social content production

Optimising social content production The Discovery Networks was eager to find an optimisation solution for its social content production as well as professional support in their campaign targeting and social strategy. Its social channels needed attention and optimisation to make sure that relevant content is delivered on its social platforms and its team needed help from experienced social advertisers. This is why Discovery Networks turned to The Next Ad. Not only does The Next Ad provide an automatic optimisation engine but also managed services via its pro-active team.

'After a couple of small campaigns we saw an opportunity to push our social media efforts to the next level. For this to happen we were looking for a partner that could help us with our campaign targeting as well as overal social strategy. An important aspect with this was the clear and constant communication. The Next Ad proved to be the right partner for our goals.' -- Brent Renniers, Sr. Marketing Manager, Discovery Networks Benelux 

Their Solution

Constant and clear communication

The Next Ad provides a team that is constantly improving and finding new ways for The Discovery Networks to embrace innovative social advertising features. The Next Ad understands the importance of automation and optimisation when it comes to ad campaign conversions. When partnering with a brand and offering managed services, The Next Ad assures that its team understands all aspects of the business in order to offer the best solutions. With its constant and clear communication, challenges could be easily tackled. 

Their Success

Dropping the CPM below one Euro 

With the support of The Next Ad, The Discovery Networks managed to lower its CPM significantly. Thanks to spot on targeting, it could reach the right audiences with its optimised advertising campaigns. With the continued focus on its social channels, it could double its reach in 2016 compared to 2015 due to the great performance of sponsored posts. 

  • The Next Ad managed to drop the CPM below one Euro
  • With the managed services, The Discovery Networks could double its reach

The combined efforts of hyper optimisation and managed services could push The Discovery Networks to the next level. This is why the brand will keep focusing on optimising its social content as well as its targeting, whilst looking for opportunities in efficiency in collaborating with its international colleagues. The relationship between The Discovery Networks and The Next Ad is promised to be a long one. The best is yet to come.

'The Next Ad proved to deliver great service and helped us to roll out our social strategy for not only Discovery Channel, but also TLC, ID and Eurosport. We are sure to keep an ongoing partnership with The Next Ad and keep on using their expertise in the future.' -- Brent Renniers, Sr. Marketer Manager, Discovery Networks Benelux 



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