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The e-commerce leader in the Benelux runs multiple Facebook website click campaigns to grow their business. 


more website clicks

Their Story grows further

The Dutch e-commerce leader in music, movies, games and books innovate rapidly and grow their business. By building a new fulfilment center to grow their assortment in the future, they grow their advertising strategy further as well. 

Their Goal

Being relevant & find the right segments

With more than 4 million products and 5 million customers across The Netherlands & Belgium it’s a daunting task to find the right combination between product clusters and audience segments. As a performance marketing brand, setting up campaigns for reach just won’t do. We need to be relevant and find the right audience segments. 

'Being the Dutch e-commerce leader, our main focus is to grow our business from website clicks to purchases. Facebook and The Next Ad proved to be the key in helping us grow our website visitors consistently with 62.7%. In collaboration with The Next Ad, we were able to find and target the right audiences.' --

Their Solution

Cluster Analysis

Being the Dutch e-commercemarket leader, has an exceptionally broad audience. Being relevant and finding the right segments is a huge challenge and a necessary one to improve ad campaign performance. To ensure reached the right people out of all 5 million customers, the solution is a full cluster analysis across 20+ brands in two regions to find the most optimal audiences. Partnering up with Facebook Marketing Partner The Next Ad, is able to create match audiences with the right products using a full cluster analysis between audience behavior and available stock. Targeting the right audiences based on its behavior turned out to be crucial for successful campaigns. 

'We are growing and scaling our business, staying number one is our ultimate goal. That's why we've started using The Next Ad to engage with our customers in a really specific and relevant way.' - Jeroen Sitskoorn,

Their Success

Consistently increasing website clicks

Use new product-audience combinations, campaign results consistently increased with an average of 62.7%.

  • 62.7% more website clicks


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