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The Next Ad's Latest Feature: Ad Scheduling

Automation 2 min

Say Hello To The Next Ad's Automatic Booster

Automation 5 min

A Beginner’s Guide on UTM Codes

Optimisation 3 min

Loavies' Incredible Black Friday Success Story

News 2 min

Why Advanced Analytics Is The Way Forward

Measurement 4 min

Introduction to Google Tag Manager

Measurement 8 min

Why Advertisers Love Collection Ads

Creation 7 min

Success Stories

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Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket

Media & Entertainment



IPG Mediabrands

Media & Entertainment

White Papers

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Holiday Season Content Guide 2018

This whitepaper will include all of our holiday season blogs as they get published! We'll keep updating it so you...

Dynamic Ads

Gain insight into the way Dynamic Ads work, how to set them up and why advertisers love using them.

Ad Creatives

Gain insight into different forms and types of ad creatives for both Facebook & Instagram.


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How to Optimise your Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaign

Master your Bidding Strategies on Facebook & Instagram

How to Create Ads that Don't Look like Ads on Facebook & Instagram

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