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How Discovery Networks could drop its CPM below one Euro

Discovery Networks’ brand vision is all about making the world bigger by satisfying curiosity with relevant content. Find out in the success story how we optimised its social content production, dropped its CPM below one Euro and pushed Discovery Networks to the next level with our managed services.

Increased volunteer sign ups between the 20 & 30 years old by 40%

Within only 10 days of using the Hyper Optimisation solution of The Next Ad, The Ronald McDonald Fund reached 40% new sign ups between the 20 & 30 years old and thus motivated volunteers to help out for a good cause. Are you also an NGO and are struggling to reach volunteers? Read this success story to find out how.

Increasing sales by 21%

The Nationale Theater Kassa managed to increase its website conversion and thus ticket sales exponentially thanks to The Next Ad’s Hyper Optimisation. Are you curious how this company achieved its goal? Read more in the success story.

Decreasing cost per action by 34%

CLUSE, the international web shop for high-quality watches decreased its CPA considerably thanks to The Next Ad and its Hyper Optimisation. Find out how The Next Ad managed to lower CLUSE’s CPA with more than 34% in their success story or watch the video.

Creating campaigns 400% faster

Sports nutrition and healthy food concern Body & Fit was able to get the best results possible using The Next Ad’s Hyper Optimisation. By doing the campaign optimisation automatically, they were able to run high quality campaigns with less efforts. Body & Fit saved more than 150 man-hours per week, is able to creating campaigns 400% faster and have achieved more than 14,000 weekly additional campaign results. Read more about the case.

> 25% improved return on ad spend (ROAS)

World’s fastest growing tech-company Catawiki is one step further towards fully automated marketing. Together with The Next Ad Catawiki innovated to automate both remarketing and prospecting campaigns to reach potential customers effectively with personalized dynamic ad templates. This innovation has a major contribution in the scaling process of Catawiki’s business internationally. As a result Catawiki improved their return on ad spend (ROAS) with more than 25% and has seen a decrease of 67% in workload and time spent. Read more about the case.

50% lower CPM

One of the most famous sport brands in the world Under Armour achieved 20 million unique reach within 1 month and has seen a 50% lower CPM than in previous campaigns. By using the right combination of The Next Ad’s Hyper Optimization, Frequency Cap and their targeting options, Under Armour was able to reach the most relevant & unique people. Learn more about their goal and the solution of The Next Ad. Read more about the case.

10%-30% more efficient media efforts

The most famous beer brand in the world reached great results using The Next Ad’s Hyper Optimisation. With the help of TNA’s Hyper Optimisation, HEINEKEN Netherlands significantly saved time in optimisation by 30%, saving them hours every week! As a result of auto optimisation they’ve seen 10%-30% more efficient media efforts. Learn how HEINEKEN Netherlands saved 30% of their time. Read more about the case.

25% overall better campaign results

Partnering with Facebook Marketing Partner The Next Ad, leading food order site, reached 25% overall better campaign results by using Hyper Optimisation and spent 90% less time on campaign optimisation. Learn how reached these great results. Read more about the case. 

62.7% more website clicks

The e-commerce leader in the Benelux runs multiple Facebook website click campaigns to grow their business. Their solution: cluster analysis. Read more how reached 62.7% more website clicks. Read more about the case. 

90% lower Cost Per Install

The successful restaurant chain teamed up with Facebook Marketing Partner The Next Ad and increased their App Installs significantly in just a couple of hours. Want to learn how? Read more in their success story. Read more about the case. 

Dramatically lowered ad fatigue

The Cloakroom teamed up with Facebook and Instagram advertising platform The Next Ad to help them automate their Facebook campaigns and audience creation. Want to learn more about their success? Read the success story of The Cloakroom. Read more about the case.