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Reach millions of potential customers. Run lead generation, product feed and retargeting campaigns. Automatically optimised to buying customers.


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Automatic Hyper

Get the best out of your campaigns by using our Hyper Optimisation. Save time, money and get the best results.


Publish campaigns conditionally based on the weather or any other datafeed.


Build ads automatically, optimise to your best resonating products.

AB test icon - blauw-kleinAuto Test Ads
& Ad sets

Automatically test audiences and creatives to find out what works best for you and your business.

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& Reports

Real-time results in your dashboards. Compatible with mobile and tablet.

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Friendly support

Real-time support. Ask us anything you would like to know! We’re here to help!

Popular features

  • The best results using Hyper Optimisation

  • Boost your online sales with Lead Ads

  • Tell a bigger story through mobile using Canvas

  • Setup a connection with your own CRM database with Remote Audiences

  • Publish based on a datafeed with conditional publishing

Popular features of The Next Ad

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La Place reached 90% lower Cost Per Install using TNA!
Bol.com’s campaign results increased with 62.7%!
Takeaway.com reached 25% better campaign results!

La Place reached 90% lower Cost Per Install using TNA and increased their App Installs significantly in just a couple of hours!

Bol.com’s campaign results increased with 62.7% by using TNA’s excellent segmenting options!

Takeaway.com reached 25% overall better campaign results by using Hyper Optimisation!

Target the right audiences & get the best out of your campaigns, automatically

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