Why You Should Care about Dynamic Ads and Broad Audience Targeting

Johanna Drouin

Nov 23, 2017

With the increase in competition and rising advertising costs during the holiday season, it is more crucial than ever to target the right audience and use your resources efficiently. Dynamic Ads together with our Broad Audience Targeting can help you to target the most relevant audience, namely only people who are likely to be interested in your products and who are close to buying them. Learn more in this in-depth blog.

Why you should care about Dynamic Ads and Broad Audience targeting

The Holiday Season is approaching fast with Black Friday pretty much knocking on our doors. Not only are advertising costs rising but also competition from other advertisers make you question the success of your own advertising campaigns.

Now is the time of the year to have the most efficient advertising campaigns and stop wasting money on advertising campaigns that are not relevant to people.

Do you think the same and have the feeling you’re wasting time and money by showing ads to people who have absolutely no intention to buy your products? Are you tired of creating irrelevant ads and targeting the ‘wrong’ audience?

We can help you out with our special targeting on our platform: Broad Audience targeting. Why should you care about Dynamic Ads and what is the new targeting option about? We tell you more in this blog.

Why you should care about Dynamic Ads

1 Deliver ads at the right time

Dynamic Ads allow you to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time as they are based on the person’s browsing history on your website or mobile app. For example, if a person visits an online store, that person can be retargeted with a multi-product ad of the exact products he or she looked at. This, in turn, leads to higher click-through rates and potential conversions.

2 Use them in all stages of the funnel

We make it possible for you to use Dynamic Ads in all stages of the sales funnel. Whether it be at the very beginning of your customer’s journey or at the very end – Dynamic Ads help you to target people with highly relevant ads, based on what your users have or haven’t done in the past.

3 Scale your campaigns

You can promote your whole product catalog, without having to create an ad from scratch for every single product. With our Dynamic Ad Templates, you can easily connect your product feed to our platform and automate the dynamic product ad creation process. Try it out! You will see, you will save time and create the most relevant campaigns and ads in no time.

4 Be highly relevant

Thanks to the Facebook Pixel, you can show your audience ads that are based on their past actions they’ve taken on your website or mobile app and thus be super relevant. Not sure how and why to use the Facebook Pixel? Check out our blog on the Facebook Pixel in general and why it is so crucial especially during the holiday season.

What’s the difference between Dynamic Ads and Carousel Ads?

You might think that Dynamic Ads are just another Carousel Ad. But in fact, Dynamic Ads are more powerful than simple Image or Carousel Ads. The strength in Dynamic Ads lies in the targeting and the dynamic creative. Not only can you promote your products to people who have been on your website or mobile app, but you can also target people that are not aware of your products yet via the Broad Audience targeting (find out more below).

How do Dynamic Ads work?

Let’s say one of your potential customers, Benjamin sees a t-shirt on your website. Benjamin adds it to the cart but never ends up buying it. Then, when he goes on Facebook, he suddenly sees his favourite t-shirt that he’s been viewing on your website. This is all done automatically without requiring you to manually upload a new creative, update pricing, or check the availability of the t-shirt. All Benjamin has to do now is to click on the ‘Shop Now’ call to action, which is linked to your checkout page of your website. This makes the shopping experience much easier for Benjamin, leading him to buy the t-shirt sooner than later.

Where in the sales funnel should I use Dynamic Ads?

If you’ve read our blog on our funnel management theory, you probably know that we advise you to base your advertising strategies on the three phases of the funnel. You might still wonder where in the funnel you should use Dynamic Ads.

To be honest, there is no one-size fits all approach and you can use Dynamic Ads in all three phases of the funnel. To make it more practical for you, we give you a few suggestions on when to implement Dynamic Ads depending on your customer’s interactions:

Use Dynamic Ads when...

1 Your customers are completely new

Yes, that’s right! In The Next Ad, you can target Lookalike Audiences (based on similar people that have bought similar products) to show them products based on their interests and you can automate the process of creating multiple Lookalike Audiences via our new Automatic Audience Creator – saving you time and money!

2 Someone has viewed your products but hasn’t bought them yet

You can use Dynamic Ads to follow up with the products he/she viewed and recommend complementary ones, based on past purchase history of similar customers.

3 People have recently bought your products

Upsells immediately after a new purchase can do the trick! People that have recently bought a product from you are more likely to purchase another product than people with no prior purchasing history.

What is the Broad Audience targeting about

Now that you got a recap of Dynamic Ads and why you should use them, it’s time to give you a short overview of our newest targeting option. With Broad Audience targeting, you can reach people who have expressed interest in your products (or products that are similar to yours). You might think – why should I care? Well, our new targeting feature lets you reach people who are interested in your products but haven’t even visited your website or app yet! This way you can increase the chances of making (relevant) people aware of your products and/or services before they even know about you.

How does it work

First, add a new tab in the adset form creation called ‘Product Set’.

Only allow selecting for open targeting audience and product catalog goal campaign. Then select a product set belonging to the campaign product catalog.

Once you target your Broad Audience, people in this audience will then automatically see products from your catalog that are highly relevant to them.

Keep in mind that this type of targeting is optional and can only be used in combination with a Dynamic Ad Template ad format.

Why you should care

With the increase in competition and rising advertising costs during the holiday season, it is more crucial than ever to target the right audience and use your resources efficiently. Dynamic Ads together with the Broad Audience can help you to target the most relevant audience, namely only people who are likely to be interested in your products and who are close to buying them. So, if you want your campaigns to be more efficient and stop wasting money showing ads to users with no purchase intention whatsoever, you should start today and make use of the Broad Audience in your Dynamic Ads.

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