Pre-Holiday Season Tech Check: What it Means & Why you Should Do it

The early bird catches the worm, they say. With the Holiday Season on our doorstep, getting prepped early is one of the keys to success. But how are we going to ensure this? Seamlessly-working technology will be crucial to start off the Holiday Season on the right foot.

Millie D'Arcangelo

Copy Writer at The Next Ad

Sep 12, 2019

Amidst all the preparations for this Holiday Season, giving your tech a health check and strengthening it will be the first thing you’ll want to do to face the next few months. No matter what your final objective for the Holiday Season is, correct measurement, improving your relevancy, and enhancing your relationship with customers will be of the utmost importance.

But how do you get to this?

Building seamlessly-working technology has a two-fold purpose:

  1. So your business make the best of measurement and can develop better & more relevant marketing strategies
  2. So you improve your customers’ experience and earn their trust & loyalty: adjust your campaign strategy according to your insights

For your business: enhancing measurement & developing better marketing strategies

1. Pixel, Google Tag & SDK integrations

Actions that happen on your website (e.g. Purchase, Add to Cart, and Add to Wish List) are reported by the Facebook Pixel, Google Tag & SDK integrations. The three tools are handy to measure the actions your customers take, especially to access insights and, later on, develop new strategies such as reaching these particular customers with Custom Audiences.

Just like the Facebook Pixel (which you can read more about here), the Google Tag Manager allows you to collect specific data according to triggers (similar to the actions described by Facebook). This data can later be used for Google Analytics, a visual representation of your campaign statistics.

Insights and benefits you can get from these tracking systems are:

  • Defining when customers convert after seeing the ad you’ve placed on Facebook, Instagram & Google;
  • Tracking any incomplete actions (such as adding to cart but not purchasing);
  • Creating Custom Audiences so that you can retarget these people;
  • Allowing our algorithm to track these conversions and thus improve delivery.

For the Holiday Season, integrating or checking the Facebook Pixel will grant you access to the most relevant insights and will thus help you reach the ultimate goal: purchases!

2. Search Engine Optimisation & Advertising

Search Engine Optimisation & Advertising are indeed excellent forms of reaching customers who use Search Engines such as Google to search for products or services. But who doesn’t, really? Everyone uses them these days! Here, technology is doing you a big favour. Thanks to SEO, users that introduce specific keywords will be led to your website.

This means, don’t stick only to Facebook & Instagram: Google is also a solution.

What are the benefits? Well, apart from growing a social media presence, you’ll also…

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