How To Advertise Your Online Store

In our last blog, we’ve shown you how you can set up your own online store in a few steps. The next step in running a successful online store is to advertise your products to a large online audience! In this blog, we’ll be telling you exactly how to do this - check it out!

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Angelina Natividad , Online Marketer at The Next Ad


Beginner’s Guide For Setting Up An Online Store

We’ve said it before and you’ve heard it enough: we’re currently going through some tough times and the need for businesses to shift from brick and mortar to online is bigger than ever. By allowing your customers to visit your store online, you’re able to better compensate for the decreased foot traffic. So how do we do this? By setting up an online shop. After reading this blog, you’ll know everything you need to create an online shop for your business, by yourself.  Let’s dig in!

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9 Tools to help grow your business’ YouTube channel

Effectively growing your Youtube channel can be quite a challenge. There's a lot that goes into using the right tools, creating appealing content and promoting it to the right audience - that's why you should use all the help you can get!  From promotional tools to apps that can help you create high-quality videos, there are many resources out there that can help you boost your chances for success. To get you started, here's a list of 9 helpful tools you could be using:

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How Understanding Your Social Audience Shapes Your Entire Marketing Strategy

Social media should be part of every smart marketer’s strategy. Read on to discover how understanding your social audience shapes your entire marketing strategy, and how you can better understand your audience in 2020!

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