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As an official Facebook Marketing Partner, The Next Ad offers you best in class tools and support.

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Create multiple ad variations in just a few seconds. Copy or edit and assign your ads to your audiences in bulk. Or simply use previously built ads as a template with just a simple click.

Optimise your budget automagically

Save time and money with TNA’s Hyper Optimisation. TNA automatically invests your budget in the best performing audiences and ads and makes continuous changes if necessary, even when you’re offline.

Prevent ad fatigue, automatically

Prevent your audience from seeing the same ad over and over again. Rotate multiple variations based on time or performance automatically and increase your campaign results.

Create & Share beautiful reports easily

Send real time reporting dashboards to your team with a simple link. View reports on any device – even if they don’t have a TNA account.

Work on campaigns together

Editing a campaign with teammates without emailing files back and forth. When you update your campaign everything is synced automatically.

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“We’ve reduced the time we’ve spent on optimising our campaigns by 30%. Hyper Optimisation saves us hours every week. Combined with the user-friendly interface, The Next Ad improved our workflow significantly”

“The ability to easily create multiple target groups (ad groups) and experiment to find the best converting audiences works best for us. It is great to save time when copying ad creatives and making multiple versions with less effort. The auto rotation saves us the headache to turn ads on and off manually”

“By using The Next Ad, our workflow has been simplified and enabled us to focus on the complete mobile funnel. As a result, we’ve reached 25% better campaign results”

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