1. Use popular #hashtags

To get noticed between organic photos and videos on Instagram it’s important to use the #hashtag. You can tag a long on a popular #hashtag but you can also create your own #hashtag to inspire your audience to use the same #hashtag when they are using your product. If you create a successful #hashtag it will result in an amazing user generated collage of your product or brand.

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2. Don’t create old school ads

This may sound pretty stupid but your Instagram ad should have a native and authentic feeling. If your ad doesn’t feel real to your audience, it’s time to go back to the drawing table!

3. Copy must be shorter than ever

Visuals are the most important ingredient on Instagram. Use a couple of words to make your goal clear.

tips instagram advertising

4. Relevant Call to Action

Use call to action buttons that are in line with your campaign goal. Do you want to generate website clicks? Use the “More Information” button. Need direct sales? Go for the “Shop Now” button. If your need app installs, use “Install Now”. When your want to gain brand awareness try the page post engagement without a call to action.

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5. Harmonious colors are easier to remember

Use Harmonious colors instead of Disharmonious colors. Study showed a group of similar colors are more harmonious and pleasant than contrasting disharmonious colors. Using harmonious colors in our visual has a positive impact on our ability to remember what we just saw.

6. Include people with emotions in photos

When you include people with emotions in your photo, the image will trigger a memory of that emotion in our brain. It makes us remember the feeling we’re looking at.

When we look at these happy kids it triggers happiness because there is nothing negative in this picture at all. Adding people in your visual is great practise and the more emotion you show in your pictures the better it works.

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7. Familiarity above beauty

Eye-opener alert! Familiarity goes above beauty. If we take a look at the picture below, we see a piano because we know what a piano looks like. When we see a picture with something we recognize we can remember te picture better than a beautiful picture of for example an unknown landscape. Our brain has a hard time remembering pretty things. It’s better in recalling pictures of stuff we already know and are familiar with.

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8. Multiple pictures reinforces your message

People love stories… people remember stories…with the carousel ad you can tell a bigger story through multiple pictures which reinforces your message. You can also be creative with organic posts, check out how Under Armour did it.

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9. Nice product shots

Familiarity goes above beauty but keep in mind what people expect from your brand. The way you are showcasing your product should be in line with your message. If you want to state that your product is the best out there, make sure the quality of your picture is aswel.

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10. Be Creative

Yeah…it sounds corny because everybody is creative nowadays but take a look at this example and you know what I mean. Just go for it, be creative with your products and brand!

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11. Inspire People

66% of the Instagram users stated they use Instagram for photos and videos to inspire their daily lives. Be an inspirator to them, give them what they want!

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12. Share Stories

What is the story ReloadLabs is telling here? They are small in size, available in different colors, they are easy to travel with and you can take them anywhere! What are you waiting for? “Shop Now”.

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13. Use less copy in picture as possible

Visuals are the most powerful part of your ads on Instagram. Take a look at this example, their logo and season selection is enough.

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14. Make your followers famous

Let your followers and fans know that you appreciate them by making them famous. Don’t forget to mention them, you will convert them into lifetime loyal fans!

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15. Don’t copy paste your Facebook Ads

Last but not least: advertising on Instagram is a different game than advertising on Facebook so don’t copy past your campaigns! Try to be creative with high quality visuals and keep in mind that content is king but context is queen!

I hope these tips Instagram advertising will help you to keep your ads relevant, short and powerful.

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