Facebook has changed its campaign structure quite a few times already. Here we’ll give you a quick and handy overview of how your Facebook campaigns are structured.


Campaigns in Facebook act more or less as a container or project for your upcoming marketing campaign. You can choose a single advertising objective for each campaign you create and acampaign will consist of one or more ad sets. Examples of campaign goals are driving website traffic, app installs or page likes.

Ad Set

Facebook ad sets contain one or more ads. In an ad set you can define your target audience. Facebook has a lot of different audience targeting options. It’s best practice to only choose one type of audience in your ad set. For example visitors of your website.

You can set a budget and a schedule for each of your ad sets. You can also define and organize your audience, placement, and bidding (bid type and bid value) at the ad set level. This way you can control how much you spend on each audience, schedule when they see your ads, and measure their response.


After you’ve created your ad sets you can start adding actual ads to them. An ad can be anything from a photo post to a link ad teasing potential customers to visit your website. You can add up to 50 ads in one ad set. In general it’s good to have more than one ad just to test which creative variation is working best for your campaign goal.

Facebook Campaign Structure