Do you have a Facebook account? Did you fill out your personal profile? Did you ever checked out your timeline because you were bored? Chances are you answered ‘yes’ to all of the questions. Sounds like there are enough reasons why you should start with Facebook advertising.

Let’s start with some figures;

1) Reach and Engage with the right audience that matters to you

Facebook is the most popular social media network with:

Why you should start with Facebook advertising

2) Facebook Advertising offers you the best targeting options out there

  1. Traditional targeting; target users by their demographics, gender, interests
  2. Custom Audience; use your CRM database(s) to target your customers on Facebook
  3. Look-a-like Audience; use your custom audience to build a look-a-like audience with users not present in your current database but with similar behaviour
  4. Website Custom Audience; you can target people who have visited specific pages on your website
  5. Dynamic Audiences; this is a special type of custom audience which is periodically updated using a direct connecting to your database. This is really convenient for high performance campaigns

3) Real identities instead of cookies

Facebook uses real identities instead of cookies and therefor Facebook is the only one in the world who can measure campaign results cross device. 80% of all conversions end on a different device. Facebook allows you to measure the whole customer journey.

The Next Ad is a performance based Facebook Advertising platform tool which helps marketers to get the most out of their Facebook advertising budget. If you need any help to start with Facebook advertising just contact us and we would love to help you out.



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