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How to Create Facebook Ads that Work

Making ad creatives is challenging because you need to work on multiple ingredients like visuals, copy and a call to action button. How can you deal with those three to create Facebook ads that work for your audience?

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How to Create Facebook Ads that Work

Making ad creatives is challenging because you need to work on multiple ingredients like visuals, copy and a call to action button. How can you deal with those three to create Facebook ads that work for your audience?

This will work: relevancy, desire, exclusivity & urgency. We believe these four ingredients are the universal rule for successful content. We have wrote an article about this rule. We show you how you can use this rule to create Facebook ads that work.

Ad elements

After you have chosen your campaign goal & bid type, targeting the right audience is essential for good results. Only if that’s all in place you should be focusing on your ad.  Every ad consists of three elements: visuals, copy & call to action. We will break down all elements by showing you examples.


  • Inspire, authentic & elegant
  • Pictures are processed in a tenth of a second
  • People using your product works great based on identification principle


  • Ask questions: but only questions which have absurdly obvious answers
  • Talk about feelings not features
  • Recognition touches relevance: if you state a problem or pain your audience may have, people will relate to you and your product
  • Exclusivity
  • Urgency
  • Curiosity
  • Keep it short

Call to action button

  • Button has to reflect your copy
  • Sign up
  • Shop now
  • Learn more

What are the most popular ad types on Facebook?

Photo Ad

  • Showcase your product
  • High quality product visual

Video Ad

  • Autoplay video in newsfeed
  • Really good price compared to other ad types
  • Don’t forget to use a call to action button to achieve a specific goal

Carousel Ad

  • Optimise the performance of your ad by selecting and ordering the best performing images and links for each person who sees your ad
  • Swipe it from right to left to reveal the whole story
  • Showcase different products
  • Ad with multiple ads inside
  • Tell an even bigger story

Link Ad

  • Link headline
  • Link description
  • Call to action button
  • Looks like the photo ad
  • Works well for clicks to your website

Like Ad

  • People like your fanpage

App Install

  • Guides the user directly to the app store
  • Generate more installs
  • Call to action button
  • Link headline
  • Link description

Most popular words being used in Facebook Ads

We have discussed the main verticals about how to build a successful ad. We gave the universal rule for successful ads with the four ingredients; relevancy, desire, exclusivity and urgency. We broke down the different ad elements and we have showed the 6 most populair ad types on Facebook. Let’s move on.

While creating an ad it’s important that the 3 elements (copy, visual and the call to action) are in line with each other. They have to match your advertising goal and the expectations of your audience.

To help you out with your copy we have made a list of the most popular words.

Word Count
The 1066
a 866
this 731
to 698
you 588
is 501

Tips for creating Facebook & Instagram ads

During our webinars we get a lot of questions about how to create Facebook ads that work. That’s why we combined common mistakes into tips and do’s & don’ts.

Tip 1: Talk like a human. Talk about feelings not about features.

Feelings in combination with those powerful words we just showed are emphasizing the visualization your audience is making in their head while reading your copy.

I am talking about you, about your campaigns and about the feeling that it’s easy. As a bonus you can get the best out of it. I don’t want to talk about my products. I want to talk about you and what kind of feelings you’re going to experience when you’re using my products or service.

Get the best out of your campaigns easily

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Tip 2: Only ask questions if the answer is absurdly obvious

Nobody was ever hungry for more tutorials, even when it sounds funny it’s not gonna work. Questions are a really good way to further increase the effectiveness of your copy.

Would you like to do more in less time? Would you like to make more money?

Are you ready for a great vacation? Are you hungry for more tutorials?

Tip 3: If you’re running an offer, urgency speeds up the conversion.

Urgency helps because it creates a clock in your mind. Counting down the moment that your audience is going to miss out on this opportunity.

This limited offer expires tonight! Don’t miss out!

This is the best offer you will find!

Tip 4: Keep your copy short!

Reading takes 20x longer then processing a picture

Get started right now!

Get started with our software and take advantage of all the new cool features that are available!

Tip 5: Don’t use links in your copy, use the call to action button instead

At least one time a day I see a Facebook ad with a complete link in the copy. Why should you place an ugly link in you beautiful designed ad? That just doesn’t make sense. So don’t do it.



Use complete url’s like

How to create Facebook ads that work?

Creating awesome and converting Ad Creatives is one of the biggest challenges of your social advertising campaigns. That is why we want to show you Ad Creatives that work on Facebook and give you tips and tricks.

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