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The Influence of AI on Digital Marketing

Optimisation 6 min

The Rise of Voice Searches Pt. 2: Content Marketing

Optimisation 4 min

Funnel Advertising And The Customer Experience

Optimisation 5 min

Facebook's 20% Rule Explained

Optimisation 7 min

What You Need To Know About Facebook Ads Relevance Score

Optimisation 3 min

A Beginner’s Guide on UTM Codes

Optimisation 3 min

Say Hello To The Next Ad's Automatic Booster

Automation 5 min

Why Advertisers Love Collection Ads

Creation 7 min

Introduction to Google Tag Manager

Measurement 8 min

6 Tips For The Second Half Of The Holiday Season

Optimisation 4 min

Why Advanced Analytics Is The Way Forward

Measurement 4 min

4 Reasons Why We Love The New Find & Replace Feature

News 2 min

How To Split Test (For Brands On A Budget)

Measurement 4 min

What You Need To Know About Instant Experience

News 4 min

Optimising The Impact of Mobile Video Ads

Optimisation 5 min

Introducing The Next Ad's New Approval Process

News 3 min

Increasing Your Advertising Budget in Anticipation of The Holiday Season

Holiday Guide 2018 4 min

6 Reasons Why We’re Excited About The Next Ad Analytics

News 5 min

7 Reasons Why We Love Using Google Ads (AdWords)

Optimisation 6 min

How to Use Facebook’s New Ad Transparency Tool to Your Advantage

Optimisation 5 min

Why Everyone Running An E-Commerce Business Needs Social Ads

Creation 5 min

How the Facebook Blueprint Can Offer a Competitive Advantage

News 4 min

Instagram Reveals How Its Algorithm Works

News 4 min

The Next Ad's Updated Help Centre

News 1 min