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The Next Ad's Updated Help Centre

Goodbye waiting time, hello instant answers! Using the new Help Centre will give you the solutions to your problems and the answers to your questions.

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The Next Ad's Help Centre

Here we are! A complete restructuring and update of The Next Ad Help Centre have been carried out, and you now have a platform where you can ask the toughest, trickiest and most technical questions that you may come up with, as well as the most frequently asked questions amongst our customers.

You know you can always access our Help Centre, don’t you? It’s always at your disposal by simply clicking on your name at the right upper corner and then going to ‘Support Centre’. This will lead you to our new database consisting of a collection of any questions, doubts and problems that our customers have encountered whilst using The Next Ad’s platform.

To leverage the Help Centre, it has been split up into different categories: Facebook & Instagram, Campaigns, Ad Sets, Ads and The Next Ad. In each category, you will be able to find several sections in which the most frequently asked questions appear.

If you don’t know what article you’re looking for, you can simply type a keyword into the search bar on top of the page.

For example, if you are wondering about a question related to budget spending, you can just enter your topic into the search bar and, more often than not, – you’ll find it. Alternatively, you can always contact us at or via the chat.

Articles in the Help Centre are written in a way that ensures they are as clear and helpful as possible for them to be fully understood. However, if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for after reading an article, you can always leave a comment below (in the Help Centre) or mark it according to how your experience was.

Feel free to look up all your questions and enquiries, and remember you can always suggest topics for new articles and/or changes to existing articles.

And that’s it! For the answers to your questions, please visit

Good luck!

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