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Recap of Facebook's Global Partner Summit

The Global Partner Summit hosted by Facebook kicked off on Wednesday as The Next Ad joined the rest of the Facebook Partners in coming together for this annual conference, this year held in New York City, USA. And there were a few announcements that really caught our eye…

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This year’s edition of Facebook’s Global Partner Summit kicked off with some interesting keynote speeches from people such as David Fischer, VP of Business and Marketing Partnerships at Facebook and Gene Alston, VP Partnerships Global Marketing Solutions.

The main highlights, however, were three main updates that were revealed by Facebook, so let’s do a quick recap of them so you know what they’re about.

Creative Compass

Let’s start with the new measurement tool that Facebook has just released: Creative Compass. This diagnostic tool designed for creative agency partners can help them measure how well their ads are performing.

This tool has the ability to analyse ads from top to bottom, allowing advertisers to measure the impact of a particular ad creative by examining a variety of elements such as visual aspects, brand association and message comprehension, offering advertisers the chance to estimate and understand how likely people will make a conversion after they’ve come across one of their ads .

This unprecedented way of evaluating ads will present partners with the opportunity to deepen their understanding of their ad creative performances, allowing them to better understand how well their ad fits within their brand, how believable it will be to viewers and how noticeable their ad will be in comparison to others.

At the moment, Facebook is testing this tool with selected Partners, whilst hoping to make it available to all Facebook partners by 2019. This will give all Facebook Partners a real competitive advantage over others as they’ll be able to measure their ads more rigorously and meticulously than others.

New Partnership Programs

Another interesting revelation was Facebook’s announcement of two new partnership programs, specifically for small/medium-sized businesses and independent consultants.

Since Facebook can only have a selected number of official Facebook Marketing Partners that it can frequently audit, it has introduced two new Partnership Programs in order to allow smaller sized agencies and individuals to also become part of the Facebook Partner Family.

Facebook Marketing Consultants

Firstly, Facebook announced the introduction of Facebook Marketing Consultants, which is a program aimed at individuals in the digital marketing community rather than just companies and businesses.

This online training course will cost freelancers and independent consultants $99, allowing them to learn from Facebook experts and professionals, giving them the opportunity to deepen their understanding of fundamental technology implementation services such as the use of Facebook Pixels, product catalog setup and the creation of dynamic ad campaigns.

At the moment, Facebook is accepting applications for this program in North America, UK, France and Germany, with the possibility of further expansion on the cards. Find out more here.

Facebook Pro

Facebook has also started testing another program called Facebook Pro. This new program is aimed at smaller sized agencies who haven’t qualified to become a Facebook Marketing Partner, offering them the chance to become part of Facebook’s expanded Partner network.

Facebook Pro is currently being tested with a few selected partners, with more information of how this program will progress expected in early 2019.

One of the main benefits of Facebook Pro is the availability of a 24-hour helpline. This would give agencies the chance to contact Facebook experts directly at any given time of the day and allow certain issues, whether small or large, to be resolved quickly.

To have the luxury of contacting a Facebook expert whenever you need to, regardless of the time, is an unpredecented one and something that would certainly add value to becoming a Facebook Marketing Partner.


What are your thoughts on these interesting updates, announced at Facebook’s Global Partner Summit? We’re certainly excited by them and can’t wait for their official release. Want to start working with a Facebook Marketing Partner? Here’s your chance! Try out our free two-week trial and see what it’s like to work with our team of experts and social tech solutions! No credit card or pre-payment required!

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