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Mobile Spend Keeps Rising and Rising

That mobile phones are becoming many consumers’ preferred device should not come as a surprise anymore. Especially in the current ‘smartphone era’ it is the only device that most people have on them at all times, no matter where they are. This has led to an increase in e-commerce through mobile phones, leading companies to increase mobile-friendly content whilst encouraging consumers to complete purchases through their mobile device. We examine the results from Forrester’s research on how mobile spend is constantly increasing, showing no signs of letting up.

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According to research conducted by Forrester, mobile advertising is on a steady increase and will account for over 70% of all digital advertising spending by the year 2022. That is a staggering figure and one that advertisers will have to be ready to pounce on. This forecast was based on the mobile spend across 7 countries in the EU region: UK, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Sweden and France. According to Forrester’s research, these seven countries accounted for almost half of last year’s total mobile advertising spend.

And the retail sector is clearly wasting no time. According to estimates, the retail sector’s investment in mobile advertising is expected to soar by nearly 24%, resulting in a spend of almost 14 billion euros.

In turn, this high mobile spend results in an increase of social media spend as the two have become inseparable over recent years. Forrester’s results also explained that mobile devices will represent the majority of social ad spending by 2022, adding that video content has played a crucial role in this significant growth. And we can vouch for that, just check out our blog that explains the absolute importance of video content in social media.

Furthermore, it was also revealed that smartphone viewers are 1.4x more likely to watch video ads than PC or TV viewers. Forrester’s survey results also confirm that the number of online users who stream ad-supported content on a smartphone has been trending upwards over the course of the last three years, while PC viewership is declining.

Bearing all these statistics and information in mind, it really isn’t surprising that companies are looking at increasing their mobile spend as it is undoubtedly the best way to not only reach but also engage with viewers. Want to stay updated with The Next Ad’s latest news, updates, insights, inspirational blogs and whitepapers? Subscribe to our newsletter and never miss a thing!

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