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Facebook & Instagram Holiday Advertising Guide 2015

Holiday season is opened! You know what that means…that means you will be buying gifts and visiting family & friends. Everybody loves the holidays and if you personally hate it, your business will love it.

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Facebook & Instagram Holiday Advertising Guide 2015

Holiday season is opened! You know what that means…that means you will be buying gifts and visiting family & friends. Everybody loves the holidays and if you personally hate it, your business will love it. The holidays are driving an enormous growth in revenues every year. We share valuable insights and trends to take into account while advertising on Facebook & Instagram so you can turn your campaigns into profitable marketing machines during this Holiday advertising season. What are you waiting for…

What are Holiday Advertising trends?

Almost 15% of retail revenue in November & December is expected to come from holiday sales

That’s an average of €170 per household

  • December is also the most important month for toy stores, liquor stores & supermarkets across the country
  • Competition on advertising rises to an all time hight as we move towards the last days before Christmas
  • During the holiday season both CTR & CPM will be a lot higher than normal. CPM is expected to raise 200% above average while your CTR can double especially with female shoppers

Overview weekly advertising strategies during the Holidays

Pre Sinterklaas (30 nov – 5 dec)

  • This typically Dutch celebration is easily one of the biggest drivers in the Dutch sales
  • If you’re in toys business you can easily allocate up to 50% of your holiday budget to this period
  • This week is best suited to offer discounts and free shipping
  • Assuming you already have built up an upper funnel this is themoment to pull them
  • Remember that the 4th is the last day to order online
  • The 5th is traditonally a great day for last minute offline shopping

Christmas warming up (6 dec – 17 dec)

  • With Sinterklaas barely out of the country we can start warming up for christmas
  • Use these 10 days to build up engagement and awareness towards Christmas
  • This is also a perfect time to have post holiday campaigns targeted at people looking to return their newly received gifts or buy something with a gift card
  • Target visitors who’ve abandoned their shopping cart. Target at a wide audience to refresh your upper funnel

Christmas boiling week (18 dec – 24 dec)

  • This is the time to convert your upper funnel to your lower funnel
  • Use the last day of shipping (23rd) in your ads to create urgency with your target audience
  • Make sure your retargeting campaigns are running full speed, as you’ll want to retarget those users who’ve abandoned their card or looked & searched for specific products
  • On the 24th shipping in time for Christmas is impossible. So your last bet is to pull visitors of your site to your local stores if you have any. Direct visitors to a page on your site with a store finder and drive them to your local stores

Post holiday (26 dec +)

  • This is a great period to get new customers who’ve just received gift cards or other presents they would like to return
  • Ad prices are also almost back to their normal levels

Overall campaign strategies during the Holidays

Bidding Strategies

  • As CPM starts to push up high in the days just before the 5th make sure that your bidding is adequate
  • We’d recommend to use manual bidding instead of auto bid. Always bid with your real cost price in mind
  • Bid prices will remain high until 24th of December. Use the warming up periods to test your ideal bid levels and conversion rates
  • Control retargeting costs through bids and not through budget

Creative strategies

  • Upper funnel: Video is a great way to engage and warm people up for the upcoming season. If you don’t have video, you can always use other formats but make sure to set the stage and warm feeling of the upcoming season which makes them remember to visit your company
  • Mid & lower funnel: Carousel ads are a perfect way for offering multiple products in a single ad format. Use the auto shuffle function to have the best performing card show up first. Make sure to have great copy which directs your audience to your site using desireexclusivity and if applicable also urgency

Preventing delivery issues

  • Common problem because high competition
  • Ad sets mustn’t be overlapping otherwise competing against each other. Make use of exclusions to prevent this
  • Schedule in advance: Have your ads reviewed in time, not on day of launch
  • Manual bid: increase your manual bid to make sure your ads will be delivered
  • Credit allocation: check your credit lines to be sufficient enough

Targeting Strategies

  • Upper funnel: Build up your funnel with new customers targeting women between 30-50, exclude existing customers
  • Mid funnel: Use existing customer lists to build custom audiences. Ideally split those audiences between men & women and run testson age as well
  • Lower funnel: make sure to have a website custom audience readyfor retargeting. If you are an online store, use Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads to deliver the most relevant products to your website visitors and up sell alternatives and add-ons based on previous purchases. Target shopping card abandoners


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