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Dynamic Product Ads

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Dynamic product ads: automatically promote your entire product catalog

Many businesses sell more than one product. It can present some challenges if your business has lots and lots of products to advertise. The solution of the challenge how to highlight more of your products and how to advertise the right products to the right people: dynamic product ads.

A new solution to help your business showcase products on Facebook. With product ads, you can advertise your product catalog on Facebook, either by manually curating a selection of products to use with any targeting option or by uploading a product feed and letting Facebook dynamically serve relevant products to people browsing your website or app.

Selling a large selection of products or product variation

Product ads help direct response / performance advertisers showcase more of your product inventory to drive higher click through rates and lower cost-to-actions. This solution consists of two ad types: multi-product ads and dynamic product ads.

Multi-product ads

Designed for direct response objectives, multi-product ads showcase 3-5 products within a single ad unit that’s in-stream and native on Facebook across any device. To learn more about multi-product ads, read our blog.

Dynamic product ads

For e-commerce or retail advertisers with large product catalogs, dynamic product ads helps you automatically re-engage shoppers with your website or mobile app.

The power of dynamic product ads:

  • Scale:promote all of your products with unique creative without having to configure each individual ad
  • Always-on: set up your campaigns once and continually reach people with the right product at the right time based on actions taken on your website or mobile app
  • Cross-device: reach people with ads on any device they use, regardless of their original touch-point for your business
  • Highly relevant: show people ads for products that they have shown interest in from your product catalog

How dynamic product ads work

Dynamic product ads leverage Custom Audiences to help you create targeted audiences of people who have viewed, added to cart or purchased products on your website or mobile app. By uploading your product catalog to Facebook, you can reach shoppers with dynamically generated product ads showcasing relevant products they may be interested in purchasing.

Advertise all of your products

Dynamic product ads enable you to import your entire product catalog to Facebook so that you can automatically promote any product from your inventory to people who visited your website or mobile app, without having to create thousands of individual ads. Let Facebook serve timely and relevant creative across any device.


If you’re a performance marketer selling a large selection of products or product variations, this is a great new feature. Feel free to contact us if you’ve any questions.

The source and credits of the article: Facebook 

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