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Facebook Announces New and Returning Professional Targeting Options

Last week, Facebook made an interesting announcement that will have certainly grabbed the attention of many social media advertisers. Although, in recent months, most news coming from Facebook concerning targeting options has been about the removal and deprecation of features, this one has a different ring to it! Facebook has confirmed that not only is it reinstating some of its previous targeting options, it is also introducing a new set of interest segments that can be used to target users.

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So, Facebook isn’t just bringing back some of its previously removed targeting options, it is also expanding the list of options by adding new interest segments allowing advertisers to reach professional audiences more easily.

Facebook explained that it will be developing ‘a phased rollout’ of a number targeting options which include Job Titles, Employers, Field of Study and Education.

Here's a list of the reintroduced and newly added segments, you can find them under:

  • Page Admins: Behaviours targeting > Digital activities > Facebook page admins
  • Employer Targeting: Demographics > Work > Employers
  • Job Title Targeting: Demographics > Work > Job Titles
  • School Targeting: Demographics > Education > Schools
  • Field of Study Targeting: Demographics > Education > Field of Study

What do you make of this latest update? Are you excited about these new targeting opportunities? Will you be taking advantage of this soon? Let us know in the comments section below! And if you want to stay up to date with all the latest news, announcements, blogs and whitepapers, don’t forget to subscribe to our monthly newsletter!

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