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Differences Power Editor & The Next Ad

I’ve worked with the Power Editor for years and now I know all the ins and outs of this tool. The tool is very wide ranged and is able to do everything you would like to do to advertise on Facebook.

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Differences Facebook’s Power Editor & The Next Ad

The big struggle of advertising on Facebook: the self-management tool of Facebook itself

The story of Aljo Hartgers from FNKE about his experience when he started using The Next Ad for his Facebook advertising campaigns.

“I’ve worked with the Power Editor for years and now I know all the ins and outs of this tool. The tool is very wide ranged and is able to do everything you would like to do to advertise on Facebook. From selecting audiences, automate retarget audiences, create reports and creating campaigns. But, there is a huge struggle in the tool: because of all the added features, tricks and possibilities, it became very complex and unclear to work with. I’ve spend most of my time on creating and implementing campaigns (A/B-tests, optimization, create dark posts and especially managing and reporting campaings). I believe that I can spend my time better on the creative side of our work: coming up with creative content, set up campaigns with the best results and manage which variations run well or not. This is the lovely part of our work, isn’t it?”  Aljo Hartgers – FNKE

Start working with TNA

“For that reason I’ve been started working with The Next Ad (after testing another tool first). I started working with their tool by creating a campaign for one customer. This showed us directly that it was a hit: by the simple and user-friendly workflow, my team and I were able to select the predefined target groups and the developed text and images to run a campaign.

Now it’s time for some creativity. TNA provides us to run an A/B tests on a super easy way and we let the tool does its, as we called, magic! Thanks to Hyper Optimization our campaigns runs better than ever, (partly) automatically. Hyper Optimization chooses the best performing or less performing ads and shifts budget to them to get the best out of our campaign. We dare to say, the best optimization for your campaigns!”

Awesome and really useful features

“Thanks to the quick integration of new features of Facebook, such as Instagram Advertising, I am able to use TNA directly for our customers. There are some really cool features in the tool which helps us get better results out of our campaigns. My personal top 3:

  • Data Feed Advertising: run campaigns based on external data. For example, start a campaign when it’s warmer than 25 degrees in De Bilt.
  • Product Catalog Sales: create and monitor retargeting campaigns easily to connect your webshop-products to ads on Facebook.
  • Connect CRM-data: no longer manual uploads of email addresses or Facebook ID’s anymore: connect the data one-by-one and real-time.”

Working with TNA

“Truth is, when you get started with The Next Ad there is a learning curve. Some advanced time saving features are difficult to find but they were always available to help us out. The Next Ad is a perfect tool for smart performance marketers or advertisers. When you have insights in your audience, understand what they need and you have a clear objective; The Next Ad definitely has added value. Why should you waste your time with figuring out how to set up and optimize your campaigns if there is a smart ad technology tool who can do this for you? I get satisfaction out of the work before the campaign is running: think about the strategy behind the campaigns and try to predict which ad will succeed and are results-oriented. After this proces, the set up and optimization will be done by the tool itself. For me, no Power Editor anymore!”

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