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Impact van Corona op Online gedrag: Social en Zoekresultaten

Met de huidige ontwikkelingen rondom het Corona (COVID-19) virus en de maatregelen die door regeringen en gezondheidsorganisaties over de hele wereld zijn getroffen, komt het niet als een verrassing dat veel mensen om verschillende redenen zich naar het internet of social media wenden. 

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Sanne Kruis, Koen van den Brink, Angelina Natividad


How To Build An Advertising Funnel That Boosts Conversions

Companies put incredible amounts of time, effort, and money into their marketing strategies. They’re constantly working to produce new content for different stages of their advertising funnels. They’re trying to nail down exactly who their ideal customer is, what they want and how to best nurture relationships with them. However, many companies don’t take full advantage of how much paid advertising giants like Google and Facebook can help generate leads and drive conversions. To make sure your company is reaping all the conversion benefits that Google and Facebook can offer, this article will offer you key tips to implement into your market strategies. 

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Live Video in 2020: Here’s How to Get Started

Live video is taking the world by storm. It’s become the tool of choice for savvy brands that want to get closer to their buyers and stay top-of-mind. And while it’s new, it’s not as scary as it sounds. Here’s how you can get started with live video.

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How to Create a Google Search Ad Campaign (for Beginners)

In this article, we’ll be walking you through the steps of setting up a Google Search Ad campaign and we’ll be doing a little deep-dive into some of the most important aspects of creating such campaigns. Don’t worry though, we won’t make it difficult at all and after reading this you’ll be ready to go!

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