Figures, Facts & Insights from Last Year’s Holiday Season, and How to Learn from Them

Soon, the most expected I-don’t-wanna-miss-a-thing period of the year for marketers will be here: the Holiday Season. Data has been collected through the years, which means marketers are getting to know their audience more and more as time goes by. The 2018 Holiday Season has thus provided us with tons of insights which not only will enrich our marketing experience, but they will also give us an idea of where customers are standing at the moment. What do they want, and what do they like? What’s the typical customer behaviour? Let’s find out!

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Millie D'Arcangelo , Copy Writer at The Next Ad


4 Web Hosting Hacks for Running Successful Social Media Campaigns

You probably already know that social media marketing is a great way to grow your audience and convert leads to sales. What you may not know is that a great social media campaign starts at the very basics. Check out this blog to find out what you need to do!

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3 Benefits of Using Cross-Campaign Optimisation

Budget optimisations were always able to be regulated by advertisers. With Facebook's recent update to set their Campaign Budget Optimisation option as a fixed default setting, many have been questioning how this will affect their control on campaign performances and budget optimisation. The solution: The Next Ad’s latest feature: Cross-Campaign Optimisation! This blog will tell you all about it!

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3 Reasons Why We Have Google Ads Specialists In-house

As an Official Facebook Marketing Partner, The Next Ad is fully prepared to face any problems or challenges regarding Facebook & Instagram advertising. However, because we believe in cross-channel strategies and the importance of having in-house specialists, The Next Ad has become a Premier Google Partner, and our team has earned the Google Ads certification.

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