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New Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel has been released! If you want to measure, optimise and build audiences for your ad campaigns, you’re probably familiair with the Conversion Pixel and Custom Audience Pixel of Facebook.

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Oscar Kooij


5 Facts about Facebook’s Audience Network

Last year Facebook launched the mobile ads Audience Network. The Audience Network allows you to extend the reach of your advertisers campaigns beyond Facebook and into other mobile apps.

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Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook has been testing the Lead Ads feature for months and we’re not surprised to see the results came back positive. We’re very excited to announce that the Lead Ads feature is now for 100% available for all advertisers.

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3 Reasons Why Facebook Will Reject Your Ad

Facebook wants to make sure that you create the most compelling and relevant ads possible. Therefore it happens a lot that ads get disapproved while Facebook is checking your campaign before publishing it to its users.

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