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Multi-product ads - show more in a single ad

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Multi-product ads: show more in a single ad

A recent valuable and significant development in the field of Facebook Advertising is the feature multi-product ads. More than 1.3 billion people on News Feed on average of 14 times per day. For that reason, Facebook provides an incredible opportunity for you to capture the attention of people you want to reach and drive them to your website on any device.

Designed for direct response objectives, multi-product ads showcase 3-5 products within a single ad unit that’s in-stream and native on Facebook across any device. Each product highlighted has its own image, description and click target that directs people off of Facebook to a specific location on your website.

Now you can feature more products, services and promotions in News Feed without having to create multiple ads.

Multi-product ads is a highly engaging and visually rich way to increase sales and grow your business:

Boost clicks and conversions

Get more website visitors by put more products or promotions in one ad. Increase conversion rates by more unique URL’s instead of one URL in one ad. And reach the right people by using multi-product ads with other targeting options.

Highlight more aspects of your business

Having more images and links in a single ad opens up new opportunities to talk about your business and achieve different objectives. To get attention of potential customers: show more product (1-5), tell a story by additional images to walk customers through interesting aspects and get more detailed.

Find new customers or remarket to your current ones

Using multi-product ads with other targeting options, like custom audiences or look-a-like audiences.

Any questions or more information about the multi-products ads? Feel free to contact us!

The source and credits of the article: Facebook & Facebook Business.

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