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Mobile Advertising: A New Must for the Holiday Season

Mobile advertising is a type of marketing that is shown on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) that have access to a WiFi connection. From the earliest forms of mobile advertising through SMS text messages, we’ve reached the point in which its popularity has been more massive than ever before. Hence it’s importance during the Holiday Season! Purchasing, searching, contacting; almost everything is done through mobile nowadays. Read this blog to know more about the benefits and usages of mobile advertising.

Mobile is Winning the Race: An Upsurge in Popularity

If you look back to 7 years ago, you’ll find yourself in a stupor. Things have changed so much, especially regarding technology. Mobile usage can be found within those changes. 

Actually, it looks like nobody can stop it.

Facebook’s statistics have informed us that 2.07 billion people are active each month on social networks. Furthermore, combining all social media networks, research has shown that 30% of the time spent online by a user is spent on social media activities. 

And how high is the daily usage of social media platforms? So far, in 2019, people spent 153 minutes on social networking; whereas, in 2012, users only spent 90 minutes on social media.

Do you know what this means? If a user spends an hour on their mobile phone, 18 minutes will at least be destined for social media activities. 

Not only that, but the usage of mobile devices themselves has increased massively. In 2018, 52.2% of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones (source: Statista). Consequently, the use of Search Engines has simultaneously grown, allowing Google Advertising to establish its presence.

Why you Should Turn to Mobile: Benefits


People tend to carry their mobile phone everywhere they go and use it at any time of the day. This is why, when trying to reach potential customers, you’re far more likely to reach more people if you target on mobile. Besides, mobile ads tend to be easily connected to other social media. The result? Your ad is spread amongst users more quickly, usually leading to free publicity!

Cross-channel advertising

By targeting on mobile plus desktop, chances are higher that your campaign will be successful. This is known as cross-channel advertising; a form that will ensure you reach every user, no matter their device preference.


Even though mobile usage is trending, mobile advertising costs so much less than television and radio. Plus, if you’re on a tight budget and wish to try out digital advertising this is a brilliant way to begin. By targeting on mobile, you’ll reach more people for less money!

Mobile Advertising

Types of Mobile Advertising

Banner: the most popular ad format. It works as an unobtrusive banner at the top or bottom of the screen, featuring relevant text and graphics related to your company. The objective is merely to generate brand awareness.

Native: these are the ‘disguised ads’. These cheeky ads try to ......

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