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Facebook's World Domination in Numbers

You might be aware that Facebook has been and still is gaining popularity among its users. But you might not know the actual numbers behind its popularity. With more than 2 billion users and 23€ billion earned through advertising, Facebook is clearly dominating the world. In this blog you will find out all about the facts and figures and what they might mean to you.

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Facebook’s world domination in numbers

Have you ever questioned Facebook’s popularity, its future plans or business strategy? Have you ever been in doubt about Facebook’s growth or considered using other innovative platforms? Your thoughts are not surprising because normally companies reach a point where they will run out of potential customers. This is not the case with Facebook. Facebook has been and is more than ever dominating the world. In this blog, we give you an overview of how Facebook dominates the world in numbers.

Started at zero now it’s at more than 2bn users

Starting at zero users, Facebook has grown since its very beginning. Of the currently 2 billion Facebook users, 1.2 billion use Facebook every day. Facebook and its number of users is not standing still. Per month, Facebook gains 72 million new users, which means 9 users per second.

Facebook usersDo you wonder where those active users come from? As reported by Marketingfacts Stats Dashboard, India has 241 million Facebook users. That is about 11% of the entire Facebook population. After India, the United States has one of the most active Facebook users, followed by Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, Turkey and the UK.

Average revenue per user: $16 (13€) last year

Not only is Facebook dominating the internet with its sheer amount of users, but also by making revenue per user. Last year it made $15 (12€) revenue per person that is actively using Facebook in Europe (see graph below).

Average revenue per user in 2016 

revenue per facebook user

Advertising revenues: 23€ billion

Having so many users, it seems obvious that Facebook has turned to advertising and is now dominating the advertising market. A year ago, Facebook earned €23 bn in sales, much of it thanks to mobile advertising. In fact, mobile ads made up 84% of all its revenue.

Knowing that mobile advertising is Facebook’s main source of revenue, you might want to turn to mobile ads yourself. Facebook Newsfeed has been the main centre of attention the last couple of years. Facebook announced that it will make less space for ads in Newsfeed and will create new ad formats instead. One of those new ad formats will focus on Facebook Messenger and mobile ads. Read more about it in our blog on Messenger ads. The last couple of months, Facebook has been testing in-stream video ads as well as Facebook Marketplace. These are innovative new spaces to explore and boost your ads on.

Facebook owns two other giants: Instagram and WhatsApp

Do you get impressed by Facebook’s number of users and revenues? Your jaw might drop again when you remind yourself that the social network is also owning the other two big giants of the internet: Instagram and WhatsApp. One year ago, WhatsApp ‘only’ had 1 million monthly users. Today, the app has more than 1 million users per day. Those active users send 55 million messages, 4.5 million photos and 1 million videos. When it comes to Instagram, more than 700 million users make use of it on a monthly basis. Instagram Stories itself is being used by about 250 million daily users, according to Marketingfacts. Can you imagine? Considering how popular WhatsApp and Instagram have become, this is a major sign that Facebook users are big mobile users.

So what does that mean to you?

With Facebook’s growing amount of users, you know which platform to use for your social advertising. Facebook is the biggest social platform on this world, thus it would be a waste of time and money to not place your ads on the most popular network. Finally, Facebook is making most of its profit via mobile advertising. This could also be a hint for your own social advertising strategies, moving away from Desktop advertising to mobile ad formats. Do you want to stay up to date on what’s happening in the world of social advertising? Then sign up to our newsletter.

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