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Facebook Rolls Out Stories Ads to All Advertisers

It took a little while to get the ball rolling on Facebook, but Stories has really proven its popularity and efficiency in the world of social media. Back in May, Facebook decided to start testing the monetisation of Facebook Stories by allowing some businesses to place ads within them. Four months down the line, they’ve decided to expand this engaging ad format.

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The Rise of Facebook Stories

So, 18 months after launching it, Facebook has revealed that it has reached yet another milestone with its Stories platform, doubling its previous figure and reaching an impressive 300 million daily active users for Facebook and Messenger combined. As a consequence of the success this new ad format has had on Facebook during the testing period, the decision has been made to make Stories ads available worldwide and to all advertisers. Allowing advertisers to reach their audiences in a vertical, full-screen and immersive environment has given them the opportunity to tell a story in a creative and engaging way. And considering the successes that Instagram advertisers registered with Stories ads, there is no reason why those results can’t be replicated on Facebook.

In fact, according to Facebook estimates, Stories may even surpass the Facebook feed at some point in 2019 when it comes to the manner in which users share information and updates on the social media platform.

Supported Objectives

Before you get underway with the planning and creation of your Stories ads, have a look at the supported campaign objectives that Facebook has made available to advertisers.

  • Conversions
  • Traffic
  • App Installs
  • Reach
  • Video Views
  • Brand Awareness
  • Lead Generation

Facebook’s popular tool, Reach & Frequency buying, has also made available for Stories ads.

These are the very same objectives that Instagram Stories also currently supports. It is also worth mentioning that Facebook Stories is currently not available as a standalone placement as it must be purchased with at least Facebook Feed or Instagram Stories.

Design Specifications

With regards to the design recommendations that Facebook has set for the Stories ad format, there’s a couple of things that advertisers should keep in mind.

Firstly, and most importantly, it is highly recommended to use a 9:16 vertical creative in order to properly leverage the real estate that the Stories format provides, allowing you to create creative, engaging and high-value content for viewers.

However, Facebook has confirmed that it will also offer support for non-9:16 creatives, similarly to what they did for Instagram Stories where creatives were automatically rendered into native Stories ads.

Another point to keep in mind is that Facebook Stories currently don’t support Carousel Ads for Stories, although this option is available on Instagram Stories. We’ll keep an eye on it and update you should any changes be made in due course.

Finally, it’s also good to know that since Facebook Stories is a new ad placement, some advertisers may experience limited delivery in the beginning, as Facebook continues to scale.

In other news, it’s been announced that Facebook will be rolling out support for placement asset customisation (PAC) and Instant Experiences in the coming months. As ever, we’ll keep you up to date with any potential forthcoming changes.

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