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Facebook Global Partner Summit 2016

This week the Facebook Global Partner Summit 2016 took place in San Francisco. Achmed and Sander, founders of The Next Ad, travelled to San Francisco to join the Facebook Global Partner Summit 2016 as an official Ad Technology Partner. 

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Facebook Global Partner Summit 2016

This week the Facebook Global Partner Summit 2016 took place in San Francisco. Achmed and Sander, founders of The Next Ad, travelled to San Francisco to join the Facebook Global Partner Summit 2016 as an official Ad Technology Partner. The first day of the Global Partner Summit was already the biggest Partner event ever, with more than 900 people attending from around the world. We’re proud to be part of it. These days were very inspiring!

The Facebook Marketing Partners Page was broadcasting some of the sessions via Facebook Live at day one of the Global Partner Summit 2016! You will find our recap of the event and Achmed’s live stream here!

Mobile is the most dominant platform

In the first session Facebook was sharing their current figures, their mission, vision and the continued opportunities for Partners.

Facebook’s David Fischer, VP, Business and Marketing Relationships, Global Marketing Solutions, was presenting “Trends in the Business” and talking about the continued opportunities for Partners.

“How can we succeed in a good partnership with all our partners? By organising summits like this to share product road maps where Facebook is going and to engage with all the partners to build a valuable relationship. We are in this together and we have to be open about where we go!”

Mission & Vision

David Fischer led us through the mission and vision of Facebook and shared some of the current figures. Their mission is all about the power to share and connecting the world together. If we quote David, Facebook’s mission is: “To give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected”

After discussing the mission, we continued on to the next step: the vision. The vision of the Facebook industry is built up in three parts. The first part is the ecosystems including Facebook, Instagram and the Audience Network. The second part is the products; including Whatsapp, Messenger and video and finally the technologies including VR, AI and connectivity.

“When a platform becomes important to all of us like mobile, it becomes really meaningful. The future is about the headset experience with VR”

Some of the facts:

  • 20% of the time people spend on mobile is on the Facebook ecosystem
  • 15x more ROI if you run ads accross the whole ecosystem versus specific placements
  • 4M active advertisers
  • 60M business pages
  • 6 of the top 10 most used apps globally are messaging apps
  • 53% of people are more likely to do business with a business using messaging apps

Mobile is not a technology, it’s a consumer behaviour

Another interesting session was about the “Product Road map and Philosophy” for Facebook and Instagram, as well as showing how Partners can build value in 2017 by Matt Idema, VP, Monetization Product Marketing.

He started his sessions with the quote: “mobile is not a technology, it’s a consumer behaviour”. But how valuable is mobile for us? Facebook shared a couple of stats about the mobile behaviour of people.

Mobile is our constant companion:

  • 73% – people say their mobile is always with them
  • 150X – number of times people check their phones in a day

“Mobile creates 30 billion moments to reach your target audience every day”

Philosophy on building advertising solutions

Because of the importance of mobile and the fact that mobile is a behaviour, Facebook has translated their philosophy on building advertising solutions into a step-by-step plan:

1 Build great experiences for people

2 Study people’s behaviors on the platform

3 Help businesses connect people organically

99: Introducing a new advertising solution

The gap between step 3 and step 99 explains why Facebook isn’t releasing feature after feature in a high speed. Between these steps, the steps are filled with feedback, studies, focus groups, tests and conversations with both partners and advertisers to introduce businesses that are additive. “Because when it’s additive, we know that it will scale.” So, we have to have some patience now and then for some of our solutions.

Maximise value: creating value in 2017

By capturing the most valuable opportunities

  • Awareness & creative
  • Driving sales
  • For all marketers

Awareness & creative

The first part of maximizing value in 2017 is about awareness & creatives. The mobile feed is different in three points: frequent, fast and sounds on/ off. Therefore Facebook continue to invest in native ad formats to decrease the friction in mobile discovery and sales. Some facts:

  • 40% of consumers abandon a site that takes over 4 seconds to load
  • 26% says it’s difficult on a smartphone/ tablet to compare products/ retailers and get all the info I need
  • 60% lower conversion rate on mobile compared to desktop

In the year of maximizing value, Facebook pays attention to the center of mobile discovery:

  • Canvas: fast loading showcase of your business
  • Lead Ads: form filling experience in a fast loading way and done in just a few taps
  • Video: telling the story of your brand message

In terms of awareness and creatives, Facebook just introduced a creative solution: Facebook Creative Hub. It showcases what mobile creatives can do including all formats, ad specs, demo’s and you can look into good examples on what’s working on mobile today.

Driving sales

“The consumer journey is fragmented across devices and channels, white research is increasingly on mobile, purchases are happening everywhere”

Facebook’s product solutions for driving sales:

  • Lead generation: drive conversions
  • Mobile app installs: install from the app store
  • Dynamic product ads: sales from remarketing

Because of the cross device behaviour, Facebook sees opportunities for especially dynamic ads by extending the power of dynamic ads to prospecting across the Facebook family. And by automatically promoting relevant products from your catalogue to acquire customers or drive app installs. We’ve already innovated dynamic audiences for The Next Ad. Read more about dynamic prospecting here!

For all marketers

Finally, Facebook is also focusing on solutions for small businesses on mobile in two ways:

  • Pages that drives you business using (customisable) call to actions
  • Verticalised solutions including services sections or shop sections

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