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Cross Border Business with a Facebook Marketing Partner

The Next Ad team has worked incredibly hard in order to become one of Facebook’s Official Marketing Partners. Forming this partnership has helped us grow and enabled us to assist and advise our clients with professional advice in order to get the most out of the Facebook Ecosystem. Being one of Facebook’s trusted partners comes with several other perks, including early access to betas, alphas and new features via the API.

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Working with a Facebook Marketing Partner (FMP) means that you are working with Facebook experts, and that has its benefits. One of the main advantages that we would like to focus on here, is the early access to beta, alpha and new features via the API. We are also extremely proud to announce that The Next Ad is one of only 8 FMPs worldwide that can gain these kinds of early access, especially useful for Cross Border Business (CBB).

Let us elaborate on how this access enables us to enjoy exclusive benefits on Cross Border Business feature updates such as Dynamic Language Optimisation (DLO).  

What is Cross Border Business?

The term Cross Border Business speaks for itself. We live in a multicultural society that is becoming increasingly open and connected with rest of the world. Companies are rapidly growing on an international scale, and borders are being routinely crossed for business purposes. However, finding the right audience and targeting them efficiently and correctly has not always proven to be a simple task for companies, although there are some tools that have made it easier for advertisers to do so. Therefore, it is important to stay on top of any upcoming updates and changes that could arise at any time.

That is where our advantage of early beta and alpha access can come into play. Gaining early access to any changes or updates to CBB features such as Dynamic Language Optimisation (see below) can help us get used to feature updates and changes before others, so that we can also help you familiarise yourself with it before your competitors, handing you an undisputed advantage.

Before we move on, check out our friends at Loavies’ story on the impressive successes they managed to accomplish with their worldwide, online multi-brand store here!

What is Dynamic Language Optimisation?

Of course, in order to let your campaigns travel internationally, you will have to ensure that your content is presented to the audience in their native or preferred language. This can be achieved with the Dynamic Language Optimisation feature. For a full, comprehensive explanation of how this feature works, please check out our recent blog on DLO.

In short, DLO allows advertisers to use one ad group with up to six language variations, in order to show the suitable language version of the ad to the right audience. The six languages include the default language of the original post and up to five translations into other languages. This is done with the help of Dynamic Ads, targeting the right audience, with the right language at the right time. You must, however, provide the translations yourself.

This Facebook feature is still relatively new and is expected to be updated and upgraded in the near future, and we'll be one of the first to know about it!

Early Access to Beta, Alpha & New Features via the API

So, back to our main point.

How can being an Official Facebook Marketing Partner help us, and in turn help you? Well, aside from possessing extensive Facebook and Instagram knowledge, experience and expertise, we also get early access to betas, alphas and new features via the API.

And that is a huge advantage for both us and our clients and partners, as we reap the rewards together.

Firstly, FMPs who are in this alpha and beta pool on Facebook and Instagram for CBB will have early access to updates and related features. This means that you will also have this early access via our platform.

With regards to the Alpha releases, it means we get early access to new software and updates that haven’t been completely finalised yet. This gives us the opportunity to familiarise ourselves with new software and APIs, giving us the edge over others who only gain access once it is fully and completely released to everyone via the Partner API.

Similarly, we also get first-hand access to the Beta releases of new and upcoming Facebook software and updates. Beta versions are released when product features and development are complete, but the possibility of bugs and performance issues remain. Basically, it means that it is in its testing phase, Facebook Marketing Partners, like The Next Ad, are presented with a golden opportunity to test it, play around with it and get used to the new software.

By the time it is fully released to the public, we will have had time to get accustomed to the latest innovations by Facebook, handing us, and our clients, an edge over the competition. We will also be able to integrate some of these features into our own platform quicker than our competition.

You can trust that any updates or changes in API or software that take place within elements of the Cross Border Business, such as for example the Dynamic Language Optimisation, will first be examined and utilised by FMPs, like The Next Ad, in order to allow you to efficiently and successfully apply it to your social media campaigns.

You can currently use the Dynamic Language Optimisation on The Next Ad’s platform, in order to target audiences with the right language at the right time, using Dynamic Ads.

We will always ensure that we are one of the first to find out about any other changes and upgrades that are implemented by Facebook, and we’ll make sure you know about it as soon as we do.

Being an Official Facebook Marketing Partner and working with an FMP can give you a strong competitive and operational advantage over your competitors. Working with an FMP is more than just working with a company, it’s building a partnership and understanding, based on trust and communication. Don’t miss this opportunity to work with our team of experts! We would love to have you on board.

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