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Advertisers Can Now Use YouTube Masthead on CPM Basis

The YouTube Masthead is now accessible worldwide for all advertisers to purchase on a CPM basis after successful beta trials with selected advertisers, i.a. L'ORÉAL. But what are Youtube Masthead ads? And how can you use them for your social advertising campaigns? Read on to find out all the answers!

In a recent update, Google announced that advertisers all over the world are now able to use YouTube Masthead as part of their digital advertising strategies. Great news for both small and large businesses!

In case you are not yet familiar with YouTube Masthead ads, let’s go over some of the basics to get you up to speed.

What are YouTube Masthead Ads?

YouTube Masthead Ad Example The Next Ad

Example of a YouTube Masthead Ad

Essentially, Mastheads are just YouTube homepage ads. Chances are big that you’ve already encountered this ad format before by just casually spending time on the platform. You probably had an ‘Oh, that’s right’-moment.

Mastheads have been created in such a way that they fit in naturally with the YouTube homepage - thus not disrupting the platform’s experience, but rather adding to it. 

With an average 92% increase in Ad Recall and a modest 46% boost in Purchase Intent, it’s easy to see why Mastheads are such effective and valuable ad formats. They can also help you gain access to large and broad audiences, as well as allowing you to customise your audiences more specifically.

In addition to this, Masthead ads can be used as an engaging method of increasing brand awareness or for collecting helpful data for remarketing campaigns. 

How to set-up YouTube Masthead Ads

Cool, you now know what YouTube Masthead Ads are and you’re excited to set one up yourself! Luckily for you, YouTube Masthead ads are the easiest ads to create - according to Google. And what do you know? It’s true! All you really need is a URL to a YouTube video and you’re good to go.

If you’re curious to see what a Masthead ad could look like for you, you can do so effortlessly by using Google’s Video Masthead Preview Tool. If you want to learn more about Masthead ad formats, check out this support article by Google!

Google’s Latest YouTube Masthead Update

For a while, Google had been experimenting with a group of selected advertisers to optimise and test out other ways for advertisers to buy a spot on YouTube’s homepage.

This allowed advertisers to buy the YouTube Masthead on a cost-per-thousand impression (or CPM) basis and use more advanced audience customisation options. After successfully running the beta tests, Google has now released the YouTube Masthead available with CPM buying for all advertisers around the world.  

Final Thought

With the many great benefits this ad format offers, it might only be a matter of time until more businesses will explore its potential. We’re curious to see if and how businesses will use this new advertising opportunity! Have you already dabbled in the YouTube Masthead ad format?

If so, what were your experiences? If not, are you planning to give it a shot? Either way, we’d love to get your take on it! Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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