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7 Reasons Why We're Excited About Our New Website

Started from the bottom, now we’re here. When you plan to create a completely new website, you would expect chaos and drama. Quite on the opposite, we experienced a rather smooth process. We started with a handful of companies to pitch their website idea.

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After a period of hard work, we can finally introduce you to our new website. Here are 7 reasons why we’re excited about the launch.

1 The smooth process

Started from the bottom, now we’re here. When you plan to create a completely new website, you would expect chaos and drama. Quite on the opposite, we experienced a rather smooth process. We started with a handful of companies to pitch their website idea. Based on their experience and our feeling that they fit the most, we made the decision to go for Laroche. Not only did their initial design convince us but also their personal service. It’s not only about finding the right company to create your new website but also to find the right partner who wants to become part of your bigger story, someone who can identify with your company. That’s at least what we learned when we designed our new logo. Read our blog here. In the end, a smooth process can only be guaranteed with the right people that fit with your company culture and ultimately, your brand identity.


2 The design

We wanted to push our design to the next level - reflecting the innovative and fast-growing character of our company.  This is why we extended our colour palette and created new icons and designs, with a focus on soft rather than sharp edges. However, to be able to tell our brand story, we went back to our initial designer Wevoke who designed our animation video, to create an engaging animation for our home page.


3 The engagement

The marketing team used every opportunity to engage you, our audience, with the new website’s design. This is why our home page invites you to be part of our journey, follow each USP step by step, finally leading you to the product. As we’re also producing more and more videos with our clients, they are from now on featured on our website via the video player. If you believe in the power of storytelling, the videos and visuals of our site should reflect that.

4 Smooth user-experience

Another reason why we’re excited about our new website is the smooth user experience. We no longer want you to waste time trying to find the information you need. This is why we combined all resources featured on one page, which is well structured and easy to go through, to find the content you need. A little take-away: you will also be able to see how much time it will take you to read an article by indicating the minutes for each blog.   

When it comes to the cost breakdown, we made it easier for your to find out how much the pricing is for our service and automatically see the price change, depending on your monthly spend. You also see what is included in the price. That’s what we call transparency ;-)

5 The content

We’ve added resources to allow you to dig deeper into topics. This is core to what we stand for. We are not only a social advertising platform but also a knowledge provider, keeping you up to date with the most recent developments in the industry and our platform features.

Moreover, via our USP storyline mentioned at the beginning, but also via our other content such as blogs, success stories and videos, we want to make clear that the pursuit of great technology is a journey, not a destination. Ideas, social ads and strategies don’t arrive fully formed. They are always changing, adapting, and can be improved through discussing, testing and with input from experts and people from the industry. We want our website’s voice and therefore our content to reflect that. This is why you will see our blogs being changed and adapted, our videos and quotes rotated, depending on what is really relevant at this moment in time. We want our website to attract people willing to join our journey and help us build a community that is constantly innovating and becoming more knowledgeable every single day.


6 The faces behind The Next Ad

What makes The Next Ad really stand out? You might think it’s all about our platform, our USPs and mainly our optimisation engine. Of course, our features are awesome. No doubt about that. But what makes us really awesome is our team! This is why we dedicated a whole page to our colleagues, introducing each one of them to show the face behind the technology. If you hover over our faces, you will get a funny surprise ;-).


7 The brand identity

A final reason why we are excited about the new website is its brand identity. With our new redesigned website we have created a website that represents who we are as an innovative, fast-growing, social advertising company. This means it’s engaging, it’s changing, adapting and reflects our company culture.

What do you think of our new website? We hope you enjoy the new look and feeling. Let us know which parts you like the most and what needs improvement :-)


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