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The story behind the new identity of ‘the next ad’

Welcome to our new identity! We’re growing rapidly and scaling our business internationally. Every single day we're welcoming new customers who are experiencing our services for the first time. So, this is the perfect time to launch a brand new [...]

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This was dmexco & the unofficial afterparty 2016 – see you next year!

Last week dmexco 2016 took place in Cologne, Germany. Dmexco is a true hotspot for the digital economy based on global business and innovation. Since The Next Ad is all about innovations we had to be there (again, for the [...]

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Investment of € 1.5 million for The Next Ad

We have just reached another milestone with The Next Ad. Newion Investments invested € 1.5 million in The Next Ad. This investment is a great confirmation for our customers and our team that we are in the right direction. The [...]

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Facebook removed 20% text rule

Previously, if 20% of an ad image was text, it wouldn't be approved to run on Facebook or Instagram. This policy is widely know as the 20% text rule of Facebook. While ads with minimal text are still preferred, [...]

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How to create Facebook ads that work

Making ad creatives is challenging because you need to work on multiple ingredients like visuals, copy and a call to action button. How can you deal with those three to create Facebook ads that work for your audience? This [...]

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How to target the right audience for Facebook & Instagram advertising?

During our webinars we spend a lot of time on advising our attendees about their Facebook & Instagram advertising strategies. One of the things we keep getting questions about is how to target the right audience by creating a funnel. We have [...]

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15 Tips Instagram Advertising

1. Use popular #hashtags To get noticed between organic photos and videos on Instagram it’s important to use the #hashtag. You can tag a long on a popular #hashtag but you can also create your own #hashtag to inspire your audience to use the [...]

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What are the available Ad Types & Campaign Goals on Instagram?

After you successfully connected your Instagram account to your Business Manager you can start creating your Instagram advertising campaigns. We have made a overview of all the Ad types & campaign goals on Instagram. If you haven't connected your account yet, we show [...]

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How to get started with Instagram Advertising

We show you how to get started with Instagram Advertising in 2 simple steps. To start with Instagram advertising you will need to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook Business Manager. The Facebook Business Manager is being used [...]

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Why you should get started with Instagram Advertising right now

What is Instagram? Before you get started with Instagram advertising there are some insights you need to know, because content is king and context is queen. Instagram is the art gallery of the future. For users it’s a fun [...]

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Facebook & Instagram Holiday Advertising Guide 2015

Holiday season is opened! You know what that means...that means you will be buying gifts and visiting family & friends. Everybody loves the holidays and if you personally hate it, your business will love it. The holidays are driving an enormous [...]

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New Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel has been released! If you want to measure, optimise and build audiences for your ad campaigns, you're probably familiair with the Conversion Pixel and Custom Audience Pixel of Facebook. Facebook combined the power of these two pixels [...]

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5 Facts about Facebook’s Audience Network

Last year Facebook launched the mobile ads Audience Network. The Audience Network allows you to extend the reach of your advertisers campaigns beyond Facebook and into other mobile apps. What is the added value of Facebook's Audience Network? Facebook ads [...]

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Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook has been testing the Lead Ads feature for months and we're not surprised to see the results came back positive. We're very excited to announce that the Lead Ads feature is now for 100% available for all advertisers. It's possible to [...]

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3 New features for Instagram Advertising

Good news! The Facebook-owned top mobile destination Instagram is enrolling different advertising features. We will describe 3 new features on Instagram. 1. Carrousel Ad The carrousel ad on Instagram looks exactly like the carrousel ad on Facebook. The concept is simple, you [...]

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